15 Tips & Tricks For Curly Heads

Beautiful hair is always attractive! It doesn’t matter whether long or short, straight or curly locks. But what it matters is to have a long and healthy hair. Truly speaking most of the self-esteem and image depend upon it. But evils like cold wind, central heating, colour treatments and blow drying catastrophically affect the hair to the worst extent.

Unhealthy hair eventually looks dry, brittle and attractive. So what to? It’s time to take action.

Here are some best ways and best advices collected from hair specialists for the treatment of damaged hair:

May be we may not find time to pamper our hair with homemade or salon based treatment recipes; so that doesn’t count that our hair will look shabby, locked curls or brittle dry hair. On the other hand this may also happen that we have lustrous and shiny hair with curls bounce on every step. It’s only because we take good care of it and will definitely know how to eat the way to beautiful locks.

So we will learn about the 15 tips and tricks for curly hair in the following points

1. Bottom up combing strategy: Always it is preferable to comb the hair in the bottom up direction in order to detangle the knots gently rather than compounding them all towards the bottom and yanking it in its own way with the comb. Bottom up strategy eventually leads to lesser hair fall as tangle formation becomes the common problem mainly for the curly locked hair.

2. Regular trimming to avoid the split ends: We should always be careful and cautious that split ends never look good at the same time not at all helpful for the growth of hair. These split ends makes the hair frizzy, rough and prevents its further growth. For healthy curls that looks bouncy and fresh head towards the hairstylist every six to eight weeks for a quick trim. Especially quick trim is more necessary on a dye or hair coloured texture as they require more care than the normal usual ones.

3. Product Cocktailing: The process of product cocktailing helps to customize the hair care regimen by simply mixing two or more products to get the specific styling needs that demonstrate the hair needs and hair quality. For many of the hair stylists it has been found the cocktail comprise of the smoothening serum plus the mousse and coconut oil plus the styling gel. Both allow the supreme hold without leaving the hair dry and crunchy. This also reduces the brittle ends of the hair and reduces the roughness of the hair too.

4. Use of Serum: Cocktailing requires patience, but if one doesn’t have so then use of serum is another option to get a setting for the hair. The serum not only smoothens the curls but also helps in the proper definition of curl locks and also separation. Try to use three or more pumps at a time. Emulsify the serum in the hands and gently take it out through curls. This will make the hair a bit more stable, shiny and bouncy with less effort and less pain.

5. Use of Wide tooth comb to detangle: Always remember that a brush comb should be generally avoided to detangle the hair locks. This may enhance the hair fall in cases. Generally curly hair is the most fragile type of hair in the block, and each curl is the breaking point. So in this case a wide toothed comb is very important for use to detangle the curls and disrupt the natural curl pattern as much as the brush could do it. But remember that a wide tooth comb should always be used in the bottom up direction and never the reverse should be performed.

6. Apply conditioning treatment: Try to apply conditioner to the split ends of the curls. When the hair goes through dry and dull phase which do not weight down with a ton of weight. Simply the fingertips are enough to apply a dime size blob of styling cream or apply oil on the ends, giving them extra moisture and bounce. Conditioning is very important for hair growth application.

7. “Pineapple trick” to get curls overnight: It is a process in which the hair is tied up loosely with a top knot bun and usually done before going to sleep. By this way, the hair is protected to a great extent and the natural bouncy volume is maintained.

8. Diffuser to even out the curl: A diffuser is a blow-dryer attachment that minimizes a lot of the frizz that comes when curly hair is naturally dried. The diffuser will help to curl pattern and boost heavy curls volume. To use the diffuser, firstly we have to squeeze the extra moisture after showering. If the hair is dry, spray water onto it, and then apply mousse that contains the heat protectant. While using fingers, twirl each curl into desired shape, and then plop the strands into the diffuser and cupping it around.

9. Refresh with a curling iron: It may sound silly to curl the hair which is already being curled but when they have got a saggy and unruly hair, it’s really a great way to perk them up. If the curls are too straight then curl it too tight and go upon one size and stretch.

10. Head Massage: While doing shampoo, head massage is always preferable. The small circular movements will increase the blood flow so that the follicles will receive more nutrients and grow much healthier strands.

11. Rinse Well: Often we make the mistake of keeping the hair wet with bubbles. So always try to avoid the bubbles before using the conditioner or hair mask. Before getting out of the shower it’s advisable to rinse twice in Luke warm water. This will clean the scalp and locks and give a wonderful shine as well.

12. Don’t Comb too often: It increase the risk of breakage. And the last thing that we need is having split ends. Consider the texture too comb just twice daily for straight hair and twice weekly the curly hair.

13. Avoid high heat setting when blow drying: Start with a low heat and remember to point the nozzle down. If keep it side on it will overheat our hair and damage the curly locks. Thus it will lose that gorgeous lustre that we want to achieve.

14. Minimise hair Styling: It’s a golden rule that curling irons, flat irons and even blow drying will affect the strands structure and health. We may use products that will offer heat protection but consistent styling will eventually lead to dry and extremely fragile locks.

15. Food Habit: Sometimes it implies to a huge extent that what we eat becomes the best treatment for the hair locks.