Know The Truth Behind Laser Hair Removal Myths

We can say that since the conception of civilizations, women have been looking for new ways to increase their beauty. One field that they search the most is the painless or permanent removal of hair from the facial area and other body parts.

A recent research has demonstrated that laser treatment is a standout among the most commonly preferred cosmetic procedure all over the world.

Check out some common myths about this type of hair removal treatment that you must never believe.

Myth #1 – Your Internal Organs Might Get Damaged Due To Lasers

Truth: It is simply negative propaganda spread against this treatment! The laser cannot move pass a preset limit, and forget about the heat from the laser. Beams utilized for hair expulsion treatment can infiltrate up to only 1/4 mm into your skin, so it’s obvious that it cannot reach the internal organs.

This type of hair removal is a really very safe method that has been approved by the government. Any reactions or side effects that you might experience are temporary and die down on their own inside two or three days.

Myth #2 – This Treatment Is Extremely Painful

Truth: Most patients encounter a bit of pain and distress as the laser made contact with the skin, yet the uneasiness is particularly endurable. A bit of burning sensations in the treated areas has additionally been accounted for by the patients, however again it is likewise endurable and not outside the patient’s pain limit. A lot of people relate these sensations with the snapping of an elastic band on the skin.

Myth #3 – This Treatment Is Ineffective On Dark Skin And Light Hair

Truth: In the first years after its inception, lasers were not prescribed to individuals with dark colour skin, since they were at a danger of skin burns. Yet, with progressions in technology, now we have beams that work really well on individuals with dark skin and light hair. Some more current lasers likewise treat individuals with light skin and light hair. Along these lines, there are no restrictions or limitations in this technology any longer. Individuals with dark skin and light hair can likewise get benefited by the extraordinary outcomes of this treatment.

Myth #4 – The Treatment Is Only Meant For Facial Hair

Truth: Lasers can be utilized on any part of your body, from the facial area to chest, breasts and back to arms and legs. More usually facial areas that get treatment incorporate jaw and upper lips. If you want to remove unwanted hair from your body, then you can use this technology to remove hair from neck, chest, breasts, nipples, hands, feet, arms, legs, back, thighs and abdomen area permanently.

Under arms and bikini area are among the most generally treated body parts by using laser hair removal. The main limitation about this procedure is that they are not suggested for treatments around the eyes.

Myth #5: This Treatment Causes Skin Cancer

Truth: There’s absolutely no truth in this treatment. As mentioned above, lasers are completely safe and have the approval of the experts. There is no research that could connect laser hair removal with cancer.


Refined Adornment to Persona by the Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Within all the beguiling traits that the corporal aura of a famed personality exhibits, the unblemished and highly supple skin attracts the eyes most. Such an impeccable epidermis is surely a topic of gossip at the kitty party or over the cups of evening time coffee. People remain dazed about so-fair and shining texture of the upper dermal membrane. Most of the times they conclude that to be the celebrity’s in-born physical flair. That can be the aspect for some, but the acknowledged truth is that for the 96% proportion, it is the nimble laser skin tress extermination procedure which does the trick. From decades, this beautification procedure continues to cater to the self-nurturing desire of the glamour world people and common society with up-scale fruitfulness.

The vital essence of the modus operandi

The above-mentioned trimming technique works in a very fundamental manner, at par with the natural law. Just like the sunlight digs deep into the darkness and fades it with all the cosmic shimmer, the Laser Hair Removal Treatment penetrates utmost deeply into the darker epidermal layer and through the potent pieces of radiation rays, lets to expulsion of the shoots and consequent smoothness of the skin. Some basic dimensions of this therapy include:

  1. How much productive the treatment will be for a definite individual is determined by the nature of the skin hair over the area meant to be nurture. Although the technique is competent in working effectively over all varieties of epidermal follicles, its highest profitability has been noticed over the shoots of reddish, grayish and blonde pattern.
  2. In the expanse of this grooming method, Alexandrite and YAG rays are the two pre-dominant modes availed. Whereas the first approach is availed for treating skins of lighter tone, the second strategy is utilized for dealing with sun-tanned epidermis.
  3. Patients must be aware of the notion that a merest of 7 or 14 days is required to allow the coveted gesture of ‘hair fall’ initiate.
  4. It is always suggested to let the consultant doctor and laser technician decide how many number of sittings a particular person requires. However, for general public opinion, it must be depicted that for authentic and constructive results, at the minimal point of 8-12 treatments must be undertaken.

The wholesome heed that should be rendered

Prior to the attempt of reaping the best of a beautifying technology, an individual should become conversant with the cardinal norms attached to the before-chapter and aftermath of Laser Hair Removal TreatmentThese in general encompass:

  1. To allow the radiation technician do the one’s job with top-notch productiveness, an individual must be clear to the one about past clinical chronicles.
  2. Epileptic patients are suggested to stay away from availing this grooming method.
  3. The would-be mothers also must not venture for this endeavor. The fetus is not expected to experience such an intensity of light. Moreover the tattoo followers must be acknowledged that the graphical designs on their skin are hindrance to their will of experiencing this procedure.
  4. Contact with the UV rays should be averted from the week remaining before the therapeutics. Further from this time all kinds of anti-biotic consumptions must be put on hold.
  5. On the night before or day of the operation, the to-be-treated skin must be perfectly shaved, rinsed and confirmed of. Unsuitability to this end allows the clinic to send the patient back.
  6. After the therapy, on feeling of the uncomfortable fervor of the radiated light, a person can opt for the home-made ice packs or the esteemed Restoration Gels.
  7. However, if the issue of skin lesion emerges, then a doctor must be consulted and adequate comforting lotions should be known of.

Embellishing one’s God-gifted attraction quotient through the dexterity of modern modus does not equalize with narcissism. The aim here is to cheer up the heart so that it is able to feel for others and care for them. To this end no one should deter before pursuing this talked-about beautification regimen. It is proven to amplify the on-touch feel of the treated one’s skin and thereby to multiply the one’s allure.


15 Tips & Tricks For Curly Heads

Beautiful hair is always attractive! It doesn’t matter whether long or short, straight or curly locks. But what it matters is to have a long and healthy hair. Truly speaking most of the self-esteem and image depend upon it. But evils like cold wind, central heating, colour treatments and blow drying catastrophically affect the hair to the worst extent.

Unhealthy hair eventually looks dry, brittle and attractive. So what to? It’s time to take action.

Here are some best ways and best advices collected from hair specialists for the treatment of damaged hair:

May be we may not find time to pamper our hair with homemade or salon based treatment recipes; so that doesn’t count that our hair will look shabby, locked curls or brittle dry hair. On the other hand this may also happen that we have lustrous and shiny hair with curls bounce on every step. It’s only because we take good care of it and will definitely know how to eat the way to beautiful locks.

So we will learn about the 15 tips and tricks for curly hair in the following points

1. Bottom up combing strategy: Always it is preferable to comb the hair in the bottom up direction in order to detangle the knots gently rather than compounding them all towards the bottom and yanking it in its own way with the comb. Bottom up strategy eventually leads to lesser hair fall as tangle formation becomes the common problem mainly for the curly locked hair.

2. Regular trimming to avoid the split ends: We should always be careful and cautious that split ends never look good at the same time not at all helpful for the growth of hair. These split ends makes the hair frizzy, rough and prevents its further growth. For healthy curls that looks bouncy and fresh head towards the hairstylist every six to eight weeks for a quick trim. Especially quick trim is more necessary on a dye or hair coloured texture as they require more care than the normal usual ones.

3. Product Cocktailing: The process of product cocktailing helps to customize the hair care regimen by simply mixing two or more products to get the specific styling needs that demonstrate the hair needs and hair quality. For many of the hair stylists it has been found the cocktail comprise of the smoothening serum plus the mousse and coconut oil plus the styling gel. Both allow the supreme hold without leaving the hair dry and crunchy. This also reduces the brittle ends of the hair and reduces the roughness of the hair too.

4. Use of Serum: Cocktailing requires patience, but if one doesn’t have so then use of serum is another option to get a setting for the hair. The serum not only smoothens the curls but also helps in the proper definition of curl locks and also separation. Try to use three or more pumps at a time. Emulsify the serum in the hands and gently take it out through curls. This will make the hair a bit more stable, shiny and bouncy with less effort and less pain.

5. Use of Wide tooth comb to detangle: Always remember that a brush comb should be generally avoided to detangle the hair locks. This may enhance the hair fall in cases. Generally curly hair is the most fragile type of hair in the block, and each curl is the breaking point. So in this case a wide toothed comb is very important for use to detangle the curls and disrupt the natural curl pattern as much as the brush could do it. But remember that a wide tooth comb should always be used in the bottom up direction and never the reverse should be performed.

6. Apply conditioning treatment: Try to apply conditioner to the split ends of the curls. When the hair goes through dry and dull phase which do not weight down with a ton of weight. Simply the fingertips are enough to apply a dime size blob of styling cream or apply oil on the ends, giving them extra moisture and bounce. Conditioning is very important for hair growth application.

7. “Pineapple trick” to get curls overnight: It is a process in which the hair is tied up loosely with a top knot bun and usually done before going to sleep. By this way, the hair is protected to a great extent and the natural bouncy volume is maintained.

8. Diffuser to even out the curl: A diffuser is a blow-dryer attachment that minimizes a lot of the frizz that comes when curly hair is naturally dried. The diffuser will help to curl pattern and boost heavy curls volume. To use the diffuser, firstly we have to squeeze the extra moisture after showering. If the hair is dry, spray water onto it, and then apply mousse that contains the heat protectant. While using fingers, twirl each curl into desired shape, and then plop the strands into the diffuser and cupping it around.

9. Refresh with a curling iron: It may sound silly to curl the hair which is already being curled but when they have got a saggy and unruly hair, it’s really a great way to perk them up. If the curls are too straight then curl it too tight and go upon one size and stretch.

10. Head Massage: While doing shampoo, head massage is always preferable. The small circular movements will increase the blood flow so that the follicles will receive more nutrients and grow much healthier strands.

11. Rinse Well: Often we make the mistake of keeping the hair wet with bubbles. So always try to avoid the bubbles before using the conditioner or hair mask. Before getting out of the shower it’s advisable to rinse twice in Luke warm water. This will clean the scalp and locks and give a wonderful shine as well.

12. Don’t Comb too often: It increase the risk of breakage. And the last thing that we need is having split ends. Consider the texture too comb just twice daily for straight hair and twice weekly the curly hair.

13. Avoid high heat setting when blow drying: Start with a low heat and remember to point the nozzle down. If keep it side on it will overheat our hair and damage the curly locks. Thus it will lose that gorgeous lustre that we want to achieve.

14. Minimise hair Styling: It’s a golden rule that curling irons, flat irons and even blow drying will affect the strands structure and health. We may use products that will offer heat protection but consistent styling will eventually lead to dry and extremely fragile locks.

15. Food Habit: Sometimes it implies to a huge extent that what we eat becomes the best treatment for the hair locks.


Can Men Experience Traction Alopecia?

Traction alopecia was once the burden of women, primarily African-American women. Tight, harsh hairstyles have been in fashion for decades due to the sleek look. Alternatively, for women with Afro-textured hair, leaving their hair in a natural state can be inconvenient, and the caliber of the hair follicles requires a stronger force to be exerted in order to keep them in place. Thus, tight ponytails wrapped at the crown or the nape, braids, corn rows, weaves, and even the weight of extensions can damage hairs and pull the follicles out of their roots. Since the hair gathered pulls most at the hairline and edges, these are the areas that show early signs of balding.

Traction Alopecia in Women

Harsh, tight hairstyles have come in vogue in recent years for people of all hair textures, including straight and wavy. The statement chignon or even the twist favored by working women can exert enough pressure on the scalp to cause permanent hair loss. Even in the past, the hairpins used by nurses to keep caps securely on their heads caused tension hair loss. Due to shifting trends in male grooming in mainstream and sub-cultures, tension hair loss is no longer a woman’s-only issue.

The Dreadlock Trend and Tension Hair Loss

In the height of the 90s and early 00s, dreadlocks became a favorite hairstyle in white counter-cultures. Dreadlocks are evenly sized rope-like strands of hair formed through a planned process of braiding or matting. Historically, this hairstyle has been in use since Ancient Egypt, and later became a source of ethnic identity among various African groups like the Maasai warriors or the Turkana people. The caliber of afro-textured hair lends itself to form locks that can be groomed and maintained. The dreadlocks popular among people with Caucasian-textured hair are formed, by and large, through the “twist and rip” method which exerts pressure on the scalp, as well as through “free forming”, i.e. neglect. This results in hair that mats and tangles in uneven clumps. The harmful methods employed to encourage Caucasian-textured hair to dread is inherently unhealthy and altogether removed from the methods employed for afro-textured hair, making dreadlocks in white people both unhygienic and culturally inappropriate. The pressure placed on the scalp during the “twist and rip” process can rip hair follicles from their roots, causing permanent baldness.

The Man Bun Style of the Millennial Generation

In the past few years the latest trend to dominate male grooming habits is the man bun. Although it is an improvement in terms of cultural appropriation, the hairstyle can still be damaging to the scalp. The intensity in which the hair is pulled into a topknot or a half knot can still rip follicle out along the hairline and edges, causing permanent hair loss. In fact, since the man bun reached its fever pitch in 2015, many young men have reported hair loss with the characteristics of traction alopecia.

What Men Can Do About Traction Alopecia

If caught in its earliest stages, traction alopecia can be treated by first discontinuing the practice of man bun as well using Minoxidil (Rogaine). For any other progressive stage, the only curative treatment is a hair transplant. The most common methods used by hair restoration surgeons are follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUT surgeries involve an excision on the back of the scalp in order to harvest follicles, which leaves a visible scar if the hair is worn short. FUE surgeries are less invasive and use a punch tool in order to extract follicular units without excising an entire strip of skin. Thanks to advancements in FUE hair restoration, men have a greater number of grafts available to restore their hair. According to a 2012 report published in Dermatology Times, the FUE system called the UGraft harvester has such benefits, with aditional advantages to prevent common causes of follicular death. More over with advanced forms of FUE, there are more choices on where the hair comes from. Use of finer hair would allow for use of finer nape hairs or even body hair that can be used to craft a more natural looking temples. Because temple hairs are the first to thin out in man bun alopecia, advanced FUE would be a hair transplant procedure of choice.


Using Skincare Treatments for Better Complexion Is Best If Organic or Natural Products Are Used

As an industry that is consistently gaining more attention from both men and woman alike, and always growing with more and more brands and products being released throughout the years, choosing the skin care or beauty treatment that is best suited to one’s personal skin-type can become quite confusing and actually in many cases can present the consumer with a bit of a mine field when they have such a wide array of different products and brands to choose between. Even when the person searching for the correct line of products to help support them with their own skin problem is well- informed about their own skin type and the particular group of treatments that are specifically developed for that type of skin complexion (dry & normal, oily & combination or sensitive), they still will find an abundance of different brands/products all with their own promises about proven results, awards won and guarantees of having been certified. So how does the consumer distinguish the bad from the good, the honest from the untrustworthy and the specific blend/brand that is going to help them with their own circumstances?

A good and sensible starting point for all consumers looking for the type of treatment that will deliver them their desired results for skin care, anti-ageing and other treatments that will resolve whatever discomfort they may be experiencing is to look for any brands that offer the guarantee of only using natural products. It is important for most cases that they avoid any treatments or products that use any kind of man-made, synthetic ingredients in the development process – these can quite often result in the user suffering from some kind of unwanted allergy or skin irritations. After narrowing the choice by only selecting the 100% natural brands, next we advise that you also remove any brands that do not offer the additional guarantee of their products being 100% organic.

Some people may think that a product being 100% made from natural ingredients is good enough, however this can mean that the product is still making use of farmed or controlled ingredients that will not get the same great results that an organic product can achieve. It really does make a difference to the nutrients, vitamins or other goodness that can be found in any ingredient when the ingredient is from a controlled or farmed environment compared to what a totally organic ingredient can bring to the mix. Plants and animals tend to have a happier existence when left to their own devices and solely relying on the earth’s minerals and the suns glow for all their daily needs & necessities. The farm grown plants and flowers as well as farm reared livestock can have bad experiences or less healthy lifestyles that all have an impact on the ultimate qualities that can be extracted from them when the time comes.


15 Tips That Will Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

We spend a fortune on dye jobs, highlights, and touchups. Then within weeks, that color starts to fade away. However, that hair color doesn’t have to fade away too quickly. Here are 15 tips to stretch that hair color and maintain your fabulous look.

  1. Stay away from hot showers
    Time to turn down the heat. Hot showers are not only a recipe for dry and rough skin, but they also massacre your hue. Hot water opens the cuticle to wash away the dye. Shampoo and rinse your hair with room temperature water. Dry using a towel, condition and rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle. That keeps your locks looking nice, hydrated and eliminates split ends.
  2. Don’t wash frequently
    Shampooing your hair every day washes away your hair color and natural oils as well. Opt for a dry shampoo to soak up grease, sweat and also add volume.
  3. Avoid sulfate-based shampoo on color-treated hair
    When washing, go for gentle, sulfate-free shampoos to make your streaks look fabulous for longer. Sulfates contain salts that strip away moisture and color from hair. Moisture loss is the leading cause of loss of color hair.
  4. Add a shower filter
    Hard water removes dyes and natural oils very fast. Filters remove mineral sediments, the saboteurs that make brunette strands brassy and fades you red hue, from the water. Filters remove soap build-ups and heavy metals that mess up with your hair color.
  5. Use deep conditioners for color-treated hair
    For color treated hair, deep conditioning with a conditioner specifically designed for colored hair is critical. Deep conditioning moisturizes and nourishes your hair, making it soft and shiny. Deep color conditioners prevent color fading Apply the conditioner for colored hair to the root of your hair for maximum benefits
  6. Go slow on Deep Conditioners
    Rinsing a hair conditioner washes away the hair color. Opt for a weekly deep conditioning to keep your hair from fading. Allow the deep conditioner to rest on your hair for about 10 minutes to receive full benefits. Putting on a shower cap to build up heat allows the conditioner to penetrate better. Protein deep conditioning can also be done on hair that needs deep conditioning.
  7. Use jojoba oil
    Jojoba oil resembles natural oils produced by the hair. Add jojoba oil to your shampoo, or apply it to dry hair. The oil serves to moisturize dry and wet hair hence preserving color.
  8. Cut down on your heat tools
    Heat is often rough on hair color. Regular blow drying, hot tool styling, dryers, and flat irons do a number on your hue.
  9. Use Thermal protectants
    When heat styling your hair, use a thermal protectant to protect hair from dryness, breakages, and color fading. Thermal protectants coat your hair, protecting it from the drying effect of styling tools.
  10. Too much sun ruins your hue
    Too many UV rays are dangerous to your hair color. Go for conditioners that have built-in UV protection. Hair sunscreen smoothens and protects hair without making it greasy. Wear hats if you spend a lot of time in the sun.
  11. Consider adding a top coat
    To maintain color and boost the shine, scheduling a glossing treatment with your stylist is recommended. A top coat works to add a shiny color and lock the color in for a long lasting fabulous look. Neutralizes any brassiness in addition to sealing the cuticles.
  12. Prepare your hair
    Do prep before coloring. Chelating shampoos and deep conditioning masks help you lock in the coloring molecules in for longer.
  13. Swim smarter
    Always protect your hair from the bleaching effects of chlorine. Use hair protectors with SPF when swimming to keep your hair color intact. Spray a leave-in conditioner on before swimming to moisturize. Use fresh water to wet your hair before taking a dip. That way it won’t absorb as much pool or ocean water.
  14. Go for quality conditioners
    Use hair dyes, highlights, and conditioners that your hair can retain for a long time. Hair colors fortified with natural oils help retain moisture in your color-treatment, leaving it looking shiny and healthy. Consider using ammonia-free hair colors.
  15. Eat a balanced diet
    Healthy diets fuel hair growth and luster. As such, consume balanced diets to keep your color looking fresh longer. Iron rich diets build healthy keratin Proteins improve texture, stimulate growth and strengthen hair. Vitamins also help keep color treated hair shiny and healthy.

How to Use Your Hair Dryer Properly

Although hair dryers are quick and effective, they can damage the hair fiber. Take a look at the following six rules on how to use your hair dryer properly.

Keep your distance

After having applied an active thermal protective treatment to your locks to prevent them from drying out, move on to blow-drying your hair. Hold the hairdryer around 20cm away from your head so that the hot air does not burn the hair fiber. If you are blow-dry styling, hold the hairdryer 5cm away from your brush.

Before blow-dry styling

Blow-dry your hair upside-down on a low heat. This allows you to pre-dry the strands at the nape of the neck and lift your hair at the roots. This will give volume to your hair and will reduce the time it takes for you to dry your hair at a high temperature.

Adjust the settings to suit your hair type

To make your hairdryer as effective as possible, select the heat and power settings according to your hair type. A medium temperature is enough for thick hair. However, use a cooler setting if your hair is fine or damaged. Consider adjusting the heat and power of the air flow as well: start on a low temperature and on maximum power (suited to your hair), then move on to a higher temperature while decreasing the speed. This is a great tip for creating movement. When you’re drying your hair it is very important because more heat can be damaged your hair, so be careful.

To speed up blow-drying

Turn up the power rather than the heat. However, be wary of doing this if your hair is fine or weakened, as you may find yourself getting your hair tangled. Pinpoint the right accessories.

Want poker straight locks?

Add a concentrator nozzle. It will direct the air onto a small section of hair at a time. Style your hair at a high temperature to make your locks supple and malleable. Complete your blow-dried style strand by strand, starting at the nape of the neck and brushing downwards from the roots down to the tips. Following the brush with the hairdryer as you go.

To dry curly hair or to protect your locks to the max

Opt for a diffuser. This cunning attachment gently spreads out the heat, adds volume and helps curls to keep their shape. To make your looks you like you can a good shampoo when you take a shower.

Finally, finish it all off with a blast of cold air to hold the style in place and add shine to your locks. In this article, we try our best to describe how to use your hair dryer properly so that you can prevent your hair from damaged.


Multhani Mitti Benefits for Hair

Taking care of natural afro hair requires a regimen consisting of eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and hydrating your curly mane. Whilst my hair is in a protective style during the cold winter months, I still ensure I continue to moisturize and condition my hair and I have found the multani mitti clay as the best clarifying clay that conditions and cleanses my hair. So let’s delve into finding out what this natural ingredient is.

I first discovered this clay during my ”slippery slope” internet searches when I was searching for a natural conditioning product that can condition my hair without containing parabens and sulphates. I became interested in it as it is one of the aryuvedic products hailing from India. ”Aryuveda” is a holistic maintenance of the mind and body with the use of ”mother earths” natural abundance. This product was a great find for me as I realized its uses would be good for my problem skin and for my hair. It has been used for many centuries in India and here are the benefits of this clay.

Multani mitti contains silica, calcium, iron and magnesium these minerals are essential for our body, you can imagine the great benefits these will have on your skin, I will write a post on the skin mask, however today we will focus on the hair mask. I made the hair mask using the following ingredients. Silica is essential for the hair structure and texture (hence the conditioning properties), calcium is vital for fuller, thicker hair. With iron promoting hair growth and magnesium helping with absorption of all these wonderful minerals.


  • 4 tbsp of multani mitti
  • 1 tsp amino acids
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • Coconut milk – enough to mix until you a get a smooth slightly thick paste

Applying the paste

  • Mix all the ingredients until you have a smooth paste, ensure it is not runny as you will end up with the mixture running down your neck!
  • Apply to freshly cleansed hair, (I use castille soap to wash my hair). Others use a squeeze bottle, depending how thick your mixture is, but I muck straight in there with my fingers as I then finger comb my hair during application.
  • Wear a shower cap, or cling film your head, wrap cling film round until all your hair is under the wrap. I found this the best method as it traps the heat. Leave it for a minimum of 30 mins, I left mine for about 3 hours (why not!!)
  • Rinse with luke warm water and ensure all the mixture is washed out of your hair
  • Style as desired, after rinsing, my hair felt so soft and my curl pattern was defined.

How to Make A Stunning Cosplay Makeup and Hairdo

Cosplaying is not less than any other creative expression and like many others, it demands a level of expertise and experience for proper execution. You might just be the guy who buys a costume and goes to the party just for the fun and the company of likeminded fellows but if you really want to present yourself as a character you admire, or if you want to participate for a competition you would need to go a bit more. We have compiled some tips on how you can do a better makeup to leave a lasting impression.


The first thing you want to do is clean up your face before applying makeup, this will remove all the dust and oil that later disturb the makeup. A clean face is also easy to work on.

Makeup for Photoshoot

If you expect a photoshoot at a convention, which would usually be the scenario, you might want to do a little extra. You also need to know the lighting conditions of the place e.g. is it outside in daylight or at night, is it indoors with colorful lights or with bright lights, is it indoors with grim lights, etc. This is because the types of lights greatly effect how you look on camera.

What you should normally do is:

  1. Moisturize: Moisturize your face especially cheeks, around the nose, and under the eyelids.
  2. Concealer: You should select a concealer that matches perfectly to your skin color. Beauty shops such as Sephora even allow you test. It does not need to be too expensive. Apply it to your scars, acne or any other spots on your face.
  3. Foundation: Use a sponge to apply foundation all over your face. You can use any trusted local foundation that does the work. Try not to overdo it, you need to blend.
  4. Powder: Lastly apply powder which will absorb all the oil and provide a final finish to your face.

The above four steps will give you a perfect face for the camera. After that it is up to you and the type of character what kind of makeup you put on it. Try to put more emphasis on the face as it is the most lively and crucial part of the face. Try to apply bright colors as they reflect perfectly on a camera.


When it comes to hair the products you use will change along with the changing requirements. Following are a few products you can use to color and style your hair for a cosplay.

Hair Spray

A hairspray gives you a vast variety of colors but leaves you with a helmet like head. Every colored hair strand will be in place. But you will not be able to pass your fingers through your hair.


A gel can be used when variety is not that important but washablility is. It comes in limited colors but simultaneously colors and styles your hair. It can easily be washed off with shampoo. Got2b spiking glue, is one of the best in the market, particularly for cosplaying.


One can also use chalk for a pastel-like texture for your hair. It is easy to use. You just need to slide it over your hair and it is easily washable. You can also brush your hair but it may fall on your dress if you don’t apply hairspray over it.


If you want your hair color to last longer you might want to apply Demi-Permanent Dye which will last for over 25 shampoos. Another easy and risk-free solution is using the clip-on hair of your favorite characters.


Famous Laser Hair Removal Myths and the Truth

Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

It is a good treatment for removing the excess strand from different parts of the body. A few treatment sessions can deliver up to 90% reduction in a given area of the body. It is safe and effective treatment with no downtime and minimal side effects.

10 Famous Laser Hair Removal Myths

There are some misconceptions about it. In this part, we will go through the famous myths.

It Is an Expensive Procedure and not Affordable

This treatment for strand removal was used to be expensive in the early days. The rates started to decrease when the technology became commercial and widespread. In most parts of the world, it is no longer expensive. You can take it at a reasonable rate.

Lasers Can Cause Skin Cancer

It is not true; this treatment cannot cause skin cancer. There are some other reasons for the skin cancer. The commercial grade machines are clinically tested and FDA-approved; so there are no such risks associated. You need not worry because there is no health risk involved if you are interested in it.

Everybody Gets the Same Results

It is not true that everyone will get the same results. You know that there different types of skin tones and types. The machine can adjust to skin type and tone difference, but the same machine may deliver different results to different people.

The Procedure Is Extremely Painful

All surgical and non-surgical techniques have some side effects. We can minimize the side effects if we visit the qualified and experienced professional. It is virtually painless but there are some minor side effects such as tingling feeling, burning sensation, and the skin redness.

The Procedure Only Works on the Face and not on the Body

The procedure not only works on the face but also on other parts of the body. If you want to remove the unwanted hair from the arms, underarms, chest, back, legs, inner thighs, genitalia, or any other part of the body, you can safely take it.

Just one Session Is Enough to Remove the Hair Permanently

Only one session will not be able to deliver long-lasting results. If you are looking for promising and long-lasting hair removal results, you will have to take six to eight sessions with one to two weeks gap. This way, you can get up to 90% reduction in the unwanted hair in a particular part of the body and the face.

The Lasers Can Damage Your Organs

The latest lasers are carefully tested and they do not harm the internal or external organs. The skin becomes sensitive due to the penetration of the laser light. The skin becomes sensitive due to the penetration of the light.

Results of Laser Hair Removal are Forever

This technique can deliver long-lasting results. The laser hair removal can remove up to 90% of the hair in a given area. Some of the strands keep growing and we can hide them by bleaching.

They Don’t Work On Dark Skin and Light Hair

The early lasers were not able to remove the hair from the dark skin. It is no longer true and modern devices are good at removing strands from all skin colors. Only dark hairs can be removed. The white, gray, blonde and other light-colored strands cannot be removed with it.

Is It Recommended During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, estrogen levels rise in women’s body and they experience increased strand growth. This leaves them wondering if they can undergo this technique or not. It is recommended by the experts that the pregnant women should avoid this procedure. That is why the doctors ask women to wait until childbirth.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that the laser hair removal is a unique technique for removing the excess strand. A few sessions can deliver up to 90% reduction in a given area of the body. It is safe and there is no health risk involved. The people with any skin color and type can take it and the pregnant women should avoid it.

The procedure not only works on the face but also on other parts of the body. The white, gray, blonde and light-colored hairs cannot be removed with it. The procedure can deliver long-lasting results but these results are not permanent. You should visit the nearest cosmetic clinic or med spa to learn more about it if you want to take it.