What Black Men Need to Know About FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

In recent years, an increasing number of men suffering from hair loss have been turning to FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation to reliably reverse the signs of male pattern baldness. This procedure works by individually extracting hair follicles from more abundant areas of the scalp and implanting each one into the regions where hair is missing. Perhaps the most valued advantage of FUE is that there is no remaining linear scar, unlike with it’s predecessor known as strip surgery (FUT). Therefore Follicular Unit Extraction has become a very high demand choice among males who prefer wearing their hair short.

The results from basic FUE hair transplantation have generally produced excellent coverage and amazingly natural looking results. However in the case of performing hair transplants for black men, specialized instruments and surgical protocols become necessary due to factors like the unique shape of their hair follicles and the toughness of the tissue surrounding these tiny structures.

The Limitations of Conventional FUE Hair Restoration For Black Men

Despite the enthusiasm for Follicular Unit Extraction, the challenges of performing successful hair transplant procedures for black males is a lesser known issue. Members of this demographic who are interested in hair loss surgery are encouraged to educate themselves about the limitations of conventional approaches.

The basic cylindrical design of classic FUE instrumentation is generally suitable for hair follicles that produce straight hair. At the same time, their capabilities become problematic when it comes to extracting curved shaped hair follicles, as is the case in patients with Afro-textured hair.

In black men and women, the curlier the hair, the more aggressive is the curvature of the hair follicle. Because of their shape, these tiny structures carry an enormous risk of being damaged by the cylindrical punch shape of regular FUE instruments. And since damaged grafts cannot produce new hair, this results in disappointing growth.

Besides the issue of curvature, another challenge in black patients has to do with the thickness of the scalp tissue surrounding the hair follicles. Because of this density, surgeons have to apply Follicular Unit Extraction punch tools with greater force in order to cut around each follicle. This impact, further contributes to the damage of the grafts.

Ultimately, ethnic FUE hair transplant procedures for black males require specially designed extraction tools designed to overcome the hurdles of follicular shape and tissue thickness in order to harvest viable grafts for desirable hair growth.

The Need for Preliminary FUE Testing

With Follicular Unit Extraction, the success rate for patients with Afro-textured hair has been estimated to be about 30-40%. Black patients who are able to achieve their desired outcomes through FUE usually have softer scalp tissue along with hair follicles that have a straighter shape. Therefore these individuals face less risk of graft damage.

Black patients who are interested in Follicular Unit Extraction performed with conventional FUE tools are advised to undergo preliminary testing. This will help determine transection (i.e. graft damage) rates and their eligibility for full surgery. These tests can be thought of as mini hair transplant surgeries. Small numbers of follicles are extracted and inserted to help determine whether or not the overall growth would be desirable after a full surgery.

Specialized FUE Surgery Tools For Patients of African Descent

Hair transplantation is constantly evolving to best meet the needs of hair loss patients, including special cases like patients with Afro-textured hair. Because of the structural challenges involved, a specialized FUE instruments are now being designed to better accommodate these issues.

The PRS Global Open published a 2016 study on new FUE technology known as Dr.UPunch Curl, which is designed to safely remove curved shaped hair follicles across all black patients, even in those with thick scalp tissue. The study compared the results of three types of FUE extraction tools on 18 patients with tightly curled, Afro-textured hair:

  1. Conventional sharp rotary punches
  2. Dull rotary punches
  3. 2-pronged curved non rotary punch

It was found that the curved non rotary punch performed the best out of the three with a transection (graft damage) rate of less than 5%.

With specialized follicle extraction technologies such as Dr.UPunchCurl, preliminary testing is not needed for performing hair transplant surgeries on individuals with Afro-textured hair.

Instead of a conventional cylindrical punch tip that operates through a rotary motion, this instrumentation consists of a sharp double sided structure (think of tweezers) which excises the tissue around the hair follicle (imagine a banana shape) and safely grabs it from two sides.

With this approach the grafts remain undamaged. Once inserted into the recipient regions of hair loss, the healthy, in-tact follicles can thrive in their new surroundings and produce new hair.

Signs of growth usually start to become apparent around three or four months after the surgery. And continued improvements continue to manifest up to eighteen months.

So what hair transplant cost for black male patients should be anticipated? The overall expense of such a procedure will vary on a case by case basis. Individuals would need to consider factors like the number of donor grafts needed as well as long term planning for future hair loss.

By choosing a specialized approach that precisely meets their needs from the very beginning, ethnic and special case patients can feel a strong sense of confidence from the very beginning of their journey instead of investing in a surgery that may or may not meet their expectations in the end.


Barbershop Harmony: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

If you’ve never experienced barbershop-style harmony, you really should. Recently I was at a convention of these singers, and overheard two hotel guests talking about all the music being made in the hallways on the lower level. The man said, “it’s a convention of barbershop singers.” His girlfriend replied, “What that?”

I was stunned. I thought everyone knew about us! But, I live in a bubble of sorts and only hang out with these types of singers.

So what is it and why are you missing out?

The barbershop style of four-part, close harmony dates back to the 1930s or so. The so-called “standard” chord is a normal triad of root, third, and fifth, with a seventh as the fourth note in the chord. What’s important to note about this type of harmony is that when it is done well, the chord will sound “fuller” because the chord could be producing overtones or undertones. You may not know the term, but you’ve heard it on a guitar when the player lightly touches higher strings, and it sounds light and airy. Or better yet, whenever you see someone lightly touching a wine glass and making a high-pitched noise, those are called harmonics or overtones. The barbershop seventh chord can produce very rich and full overtones and undertones.

A common misconception of barbershoppers, as we are called, is that we’re a bunch of gray-haired men dressed in red and white pinstripes with a straw hat. That’s the classic barbershop look. The sound, however, is anything but old-fashioned. Yes, many of us are retired or in our 50s, but the vibrancy of this music is for all.

In fact, when you look online at some of the Barbershop Harmony Society international champions, they are composed of very young and talented musicians. (Yes, there are competitions to determine the best in the world for that year). As we age, we lose some of the range and stamina we once had, so the younger generation is picking up where we left off.

Now, I will warn you, whenever you get the barbershop bug, there’s no turning back. It’s like a nasty addiction. Normally, you become addicted by actually singing in a quartet and “ringing” the chords. There’s no other way to get hooked that I know of. After that, you are on your own. I cannot help you.

Spring and Fall shows are very common throughout the nation. Often choruses will also prepare music for a Christmas or Holiday show. Find one in your area and see what it’s all about. Admission prices are generally affordable. Show producers often bring in outstanding quartets and choruses to impress and entertain. Often you’ll get to see the best of the best at no additional charge.

Even though there are thousands of barbershop videos online, you do not get the same feeling and experience as when you are in attendance. The mics are great and you hear some very fascinating chords, it’s just not the same.

Where the barbershop community shines, however, is on Valentine’s Day. On that day quartets go out into the communities and deliver valentines that their loved ones have paid for. It’s the event that brings us back again and again.


Why Vitamins Are So Important For Your Hair

The human body requires a healthy balance of all types of essential nutrients in their foods to live a healthy life. Various types of nutrients are required for different body parts. A wide range of nutrients is also needed for proper growth of hair on the human scalp.

Check out this list of nutrients that helps to maintain the hair health and keeps away hair loss.

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid

Also known as PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid) is one of the most important vitamins to stay away from balding issues. It comes in B complex classification and it works like anti-grey hair vitamin. A lack of PABA may result in grey/silver hair. Studies have demonstrated its impacts on the hair cells of animals. It has been noticed that when animal cells are reintroduced to this vitamin, usual colour is re-established.


It is additionally placed with vitamin B complex family. It is normally found in eyes, muscles, muscles cells, liver, and kidney. It has been witnessed that males lose their hair strands twice as quickly as compared to females. It is expected that males more often than usual lack in Inositol, which is also one of the essential vitamins to avoid baldness issues.


Also known as vitamin H, it is placed with vitamin B complex family. It is additionally a standout among the most vital vitamins that help to avoid baldness problems. Insufficient supply of this vitamin may result in male pattern baldness issues. Egg yolks are an excellent source of biotin. It is also in abundance in milk, liver, kidney, and yeast.

Vitamin E

It is a standout among the most valuable vitamins that are needed to prevent balding. It comprises of anti-oxidant properties that provides stimulation of scalp by improving blood circulation in the body, especially on the scalp. You can get vitamin E from vegetable oils, seeds, soybeans, and verdant green vegetables.

Important Note: There’s no doubt that these essential vitamins can help to maintain the growth of your hair strands, but these don’t have the capacity to regrow fallen hair. To end your baldness problem completely, hair transplant treatment is the best solution you have.

Vitamin C

It is quite popular for its oxidizing benefits, and it is one of the basic vitamins for balding issues. It helps to keep up healthy skin and hair. There are a lot of natural nourishment or food items that are rich in vitamin C. All types of citrus fruits, pineapples, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes, green pepper, red pepper and numerous others are an excellent source of vitamin C. It is quite easily available in nature, so you can’t give any excuse for not consuming it your daily diet.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B3 (Niacin), vitamin B5 (Pantothenic corrosive), vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 helps remarkably in different health conditions. These are known as useful vitamins that provide strength to the hair strands.


3 Things to Knows About Hair Transplant Surgery

In recent times people who are suffering from baldness always desire to find a proper way to get rid of this problem. But as a matter of fact, whenever they think to go to accomplish this process, they must consider several factors. But strand relocation treatments offer you some amazing stuff that you should know.

When the budget and superiority is on the top

Either you go to purchase the household stuff from online, or you go to a clinic, the first and foremost thing comes in your mind is the budget. Well yes, this is the ultimate truth for each and every individual. So, when it is all about hair transplant surgery, you have to take this factor into consideration. Basically, lots of clinics are available there to help you with their real-time assistance, and they do not charge a huge amount of money from their patients. So, check all the factors you can easily go for the clinics.

But aside the budget, there is another factor that people also look for, and that is excellence and superiority of the clinic. But in this case, you do not have to be under insurance. Basically, each and every hospital and clinics are there to offer you with their convenient and useful services.

They are excellent, superior and well-established clinics. Their doctors or surgeons are also quite superior, and they accomplish the entire treatment with great care. Being so knowledgeable and skilled they have gained a huge popularity amongst their patients.

When experience and track record is top-notch

It does not matter what you are looking for, but an experience is something that you will definitely take into consideration. As you have heard a statement that experience says it’s best so when you will go for the hair transplant surgery, you will definitely want to consider a fact of experience.

If you can deal with some experienced doctors for that treatment, you will be able to acquire silky and smooth strands on your head. Ample of doctors out there are extremely experienced, and that is why it is only your responsibility to talk to them before going for the process. Checking the condition of your tresses on your head, they will suggest you either to do the process or not.

Though experience is not something that you want to consider only but along with that, you also have to make sure that you check their previous track record properly. When you are dealing with a clinic, acquire the official site of them and then do a thorough research on their site. You will get to know lots of things about their clinic such as treatment process, latest technology, doctors, opinions of previous patients, reviews, rewards and more. And from that review, try to gain their previous track records.

Latest technology is the key thing

While going to choose any of the clinic and hospital to get rid of the baldness all you require is choosing the right hospital. These clinics are there to offer some latest technology to their patients such as FUE, laser and more. In fact, before going to accomplish that process if you talk to the doctors, you will be able to know that which technology is actually best for you. Apart from everything, they will state you that either you need this process or not.


Winter Skin Care Advice for All Ages

From adolescents to mature adults, winter weather can have adverse effects on your skin regardless of your age or skin type. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent winter skin damage, restore natural moisture and elasticity, and enhance skin tone. For glowing skin that lasts all season long, take the following winter skin care advice into consideration!

Cold Weather Means More Heat For Skin

Although the cold weather is in fact, cold, quite the opposite effect is a common cause of dry and irritable skin in the winter. When it is cold outside, we tend to do more things to warm ourselves up. This includes taking hotter showers (possibly more frequently), using heating pads and heated blankets, leaving space heaters and furnaces on longer, sitting by the fireplace more often, and so on.

All this added heat causes skin to lose more natural oils, which it cannot restore efficiently enough. This can lead to dry, tight, flaky, irritable skin. In more serious cases, skin can become chapped, much like lips, which is another area that requires additional care in the winter.

Treating Winter Skin Damage

The remedy for this is to up your moisturizer regime. In the winter months, switch to a stronger, thicker moisturizer that provides long-lasting comfort and protection. You can even consider OTC dermological-grade creams, such as Eucerin, Aquaphor, Gold Bonds, or Cetaphil. These are advanced-repair healing ointments available at your local pharmacy or convenient store.

When you begin a winter skin regiment, it is important that you follow through and maintain a consistent schedule. Apply your choice of healing ointment every morning and evening (and as needed throughout the day) on all dry and affected areas, as well as, elbows, knees, knuckles, heels, and toes. Do not skip even one day, or you may feel the effects of dry skin coming back.

Be Sure to Also Get Plenty of These 3 Things:

Get Plenty of Water! Water Hydrates skin and keeps its plump, fresh, and bright.

Get Plenty of Sleep! Sleep is good, and quite necessary, for the whole body.

Get Plenty of Vitamin D! Your skin tone is brightened and enhanced with a touch of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is great for the skin. Not only does it make your skin look brighter and healthier, it gives you more confidence when you have a natural-looking, subtle glow. So how do you get a great glow in the winter without sun? Just visit a local tanning salon for instant Vitamin D re-fuels! Tanning beds provide your weekly recommended dose of Vitamin D, so you can feel great and look great at the same time!


Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment FAQ

Hair loss can happen to anyone at any age, reason could be many, such as an imbalance or unhealthy diet, stress or depression, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle and many more, whatever may the reason be, the problem is, that it can have a very deep impact on person self-confidence, as you are not only losing your hair but also your attractive personality.

Mesotherapy process

Mesotherapy process is very simple. During the mesotherapy procedure nutrients, vitamins and minerals those are necessary for escalating the process of hair growths are directly injected through micro-injections in the scalp around the affected area. Mesotherapy hair loss treatment is very fast, other than any hair restoration treatment. In certain cases, patients reported positive signs of hair growth after their first Mesotherapy session, though usually optimum results after Mesotherapy treatment can be expected after the fifth session. The time of Mesotherapy session totally depend upon the area that needs to be treated.

Mesotherapy Hair loss Treatment FAQ

Is Mesotherapy Treatment Painful?

As during Mesotherapy treatment nutrients are injected in the fatty layer below the skin and veins or muscles are not touched, so the patient will not feel any pain, though few patients reported that they felt a pinch or burning sensation during and after the procedure. To give you relief from the burning sensation your surgeon might give you an ointment or gel that can be applied on the treated area.

When can I expect Results after Mesotherapy?

Hair growth results after Mesotherapy hair loss treatment may differ from patient to patient, as some of the patients reported results just after their first session, though the usual time expected to show results after Mesotherapy treatment is fourth to the fifth session.

How many and how long Mesotherapy sessions do I need to take?

Ten to fifteen Mesotherapy sessions are required to complete the hair restoration treatment, and every Mesotherapy session will be conducted with a gap of one week and time per Mesotherapy session may vary from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the area to be treated for hair loss.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a safe process and there are no side effects at all that you need to worry about, though in few patients it is recorded that the treated area might experience bruising. This will not last for more than a week

As an ending note to this article, we will say that if you are thinking of getting your hair restored then mesotherapy is the best process available. Mesotherapy is painless and side effects are next to zero, but before you opt mesotherapy for your hair restoration, it would be best to consult an expert hair restoration or hair transplant surgeon as every patient is different and so are their needs.


Understanding and Caring for Your Dry Skin

Your skin is exposed to many external and internal factors, which are sometimes responsible for skin disorders. In most cases, dry skin is caused by weather changes. The skin is driest during the cold season due to low temperatures and humidity levels.

How to tell you have Dry Skin

Dry skin feels scaly, chapped and cracked. Sometimes it may also have sore, raw and squeezed. It is also tightly drawn over the bones, giving it a dull look, especially around the eyes, cheeks and corners of the mouth.

Dry skin has a low level of sebum and can be prone to sensitivity. It will often have a dried up look caused by its inability to retain moisture. It usually feels taut and uncomfortable after washing unless some type of moisture or body cream is applied.

Dryness is made worse by wind extremes of temperature and air-conditioning, all of which cause the skin to flake, chap and feel tight.

What causes Dry Skin?

Sebum, an oily substance released by the sebaceous glands, is responsible for keeping the skin moist, supple and waterproof. It forms a barrier on the surface, which helps in retaining water and keeping irritants out of the body. When your body becomes dry, these natural oils are not effectively produced, so the barrier cannot adequately perform its functions. Poor diet may also contribute to dryness. Eating foods rich in vitamin A and B is helpful as they contain nutrients that prevent your body from drying.

Exposure to sun, wind, cold, chemicals, or cosmetics, or excessive bathing with harsh soaps may lead to a dry shell. This is because such harsh elements disrupt the outer layer of the body and destroy the intercellular medium. Conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea could also lead to dryness as can the use of drugs like diuretics, antispasmodics, and antihistamines.

Other catalysts include smoking, central heating, poor ventilation, dry, cold and windy weather and unprotected exposure to the sun. Loss of oestrogen during menopause also reduces the lipid content of skin, which eliminates its natural protection against dryness. However, this dryness could sometimes be a genetic condition.

Caring for Dry Skin

  • Avoid using tap water when cleansing your body. The deposits are too drying on your skin. Instead, use a cleansing oil or cream and remove with a toner
  • A dry body needs plenty of thorough but gentle cleansing, regular stimulation with massage and generous quantities of oil and moisture
  • Do not wash body using soap and water because it not only removes dirt but also the natural oils protecting the body’s shell.
  • Follow a bath or a shower with a mild application of baby oil. Moisturize your body after cleansing to keep it from drying.
  • Stay out of overheated rooms
  • Use a creamy cleanser or baby oil at night
  • Use a facial mask to clear up the surface and remove dull, dry surface cells once a week
  • Increase your water intake if your skin is chapped or cracked
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking has a harmful effect on the skin. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels that serve the various body parts, depriving it of oxygen and nutrients needed for good health
  • Stay out of the sun as it causes dryness, wrinkles, rashes and blisters. Always apply a good sunscreen to all exposed areas of your body if you must be in the sun
  • Eat a balanced diet that included vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts. Speaking of nuts, however, watch your intake on some foods as they may be harmful to your health if eaten in large amounts. Eat quality protein from vegetable sources. Garlic, onions, eggs, and asparagus are high in Sulphur, which helps to keep the skin smooth and youthful.
  • In severe cases of dryness, consider seeing a dermatologist

Where Does the Hair Come From?

For people suffering from Androgenic Alopecia, the most reliable and permanent solution for getting their hair back is hair restoration surgery. Known as male pattern baldness in men and female pattern baldness in women, it is caused is the presence of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a male hormone.

Testosterone is converted into DHT with the help of an enzyme called 5-Alpa-Reductase. Having a glance at the statistics, almost all men and women suffer from this condition at some stage of their lives.

There are a number of procedures that are available at this point in time including the mini and micro grafts, the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUE) and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Each individual case varies and only a hair transplant surgeon can ascertain which works the best for you.

So where does the hair come from?

This is a very important question as no hair transplant can take place without new hair. There are certain areas in the head that are known as donor sides and hair follicles are taken from these sites for the purpose of transplantation. These are the back and sides of the head with the former being used more often. Currently no other areas of the body are used for this purpose.

Why these hairs only?

One of the restrictions in the hair restoration procedures is restricted number of donor sites. The hair can only be taken from the person who himself or herself is going through with the surgery. The reason lies in two things. One, any kind of transplantation faces rejection. Medications are used along with the procedure to ensure that the rejection is minimized. Using one’s own hair and that too from the head helps.

The second reason is that the hair on the back and side of the head are the most resistant to the DHT. Once these are transplanted to other areas of the head, they maintain their resistance. If hair from other areas are taken, they are likely going to suffer from the same fate as the previous hair due to androgenic alopecia. So these hair are the most viable options for this purpose.

Old Times Formula

In olden times, wearing head pieces was the only solution to the problem. Some weird toupees could be seen around all the time. With time as the medical world evolved, better solutions came to the fore and this process is still ongoing.


The 10 Most Common Hair Care Myths That You Should Avoid

Hair is considered as the most important part of our personality and no wonder that we always tend to walk an extra mile to make our look beautiful and gorgeous. Beautiful hair can make the overall personality look attractive although you have an average look. With so many importance associated with hair, it is never enough to spend a great deal of money and time on its maintenance.

Since ancient time to the modern times, people, men, and women, always take extra care to make their hair look gorgeous in all aspects. There are more than thousands of tips and suggestions have been allied with the maintenance of the hair, and we human being believes in all of them and even start implementing them, but many of them start having an adverse effect on our hair. Today, we are taking the initiative and trying to present the truth behind 10 hair care myths and breaking it forever.

1. Trimming Your Hair Frequently will Make It Grow Faster

This is the most common myth associated with the hair care, and people often tend to believe this stuff. But, when you will think practically, then you will realize that this has nothing to do with the growth of your hair faster. The hair grows from your scalp and not from the end, and when you are trimming your hair, it is not making it grow faster rather you are making it short every time. The only true fact related with trimming your hair is that it helps you get rid of your split ends and make your locks look healthier.

2. Plucking One Gray Hair will Result in More

This is again one of the most common myths that are related to the hair care. This has probably been spread by the old woman, and the worst is that people believe it. If you are plucking your gray hair, then this in no way will result in growing more gray hair, and the only thing it will do is to make your hair weaker and scalp irritated.

3. Comb Your Hair from Top to Bottom

You must have heard this often and from almost everyone, but trust us; this is not the truth. Combing is the best and only way to detangle your hair, but combing it from top to bottom is not the right way. The best way to comb your hair and avoid too many breakages of hair, start combing your hair from the middle by dividing it.

4. Repairing Your Split Ends

You often have seen advertisements where a product claims that it can repair the split ends, but the truth is that nothing can repair your split ends because they are the dead hair. If you have seen a dead body getting life back, then you can trust a product repairing your split hair.

5. Keeping Your Hair Oiled for Longer

So, your mom always pressurizes you to oil your hair frequently and for a longer time, then show her this. The function of oil is to moisturize your hair or scalp and even if you are oiling your hair prior 20 minutes of shampoo your hair, it is enough. Added to this, the amount of oil to have nothing to do with the health of the hair, the scalp and hair will absorb only the amount of oil it needs, rest is washed off when you wash your hair.

6. Dry Scalp Results into Dandruff

This is the most common myth that most of us believe. Dry scalp results into dandruff, but the truth is almost adverse. The dry scalp has nothing to do with dandruff rather oily scalp is more prone to dandruff. So, the next time when you hear any such facts, just don’t believe it!

7. Shampoo is the Reason of Your Hair Fall

This is the high time that you should stop blaming your shampoo for making your hair fall. Shampoo just helps you clean the dirt from your scalp and hair, and it doesn’t make your hair weak or strong. When you are in showers, the wet hair gets weaker on own, and when you squeeze your hair to spread the shampoo, it makes the weak hair get plucked from your scalp. So, stop believing or blaming any brand for your hair fall!

8. Conditioner is not Made for the Oily Hair

You have heard this more than hundreds of time from different people, but it has no truth at all, and a myth despite the fact that it starts working sometimes stay a myth. When your hair is oily, it is because it is producing more sebum than needed, and conditioner has no role to play in it. If your hair is oily, and you still want to condition your hair for a whatsoever reason, go with it!

9. Tie Your Hair and Get Rid of the Hair

You have heard this too at many occasions when people get to see hair on your shoulder or clothes. But, the truth is something else. When you tie your hair, it only helps you to hide your dandruff, and it doesn’t solve the problem at all. There are several reasons that cause dandruff, and there are better and effective ways to deal with it but tying your hair.

10. Comb Your Hair 100 Times a Day

This is the biggest lie of all the myths discussed above. When you comb your hair more than it needs, you are causing hair fall by putting a lot of pressure on your scalp and hair. Over brushing don’t do any good to your hair rather makes it weaker and cause more hair fall. So, stop believing and implementing it


4 Ways On How To Apply Hair Treatment Using Coffee Bean Oil To Support Hair Growth

These days coffee bean oil is one of the most wanted oil for various anti-aging cosmetic products as it contains enzymes, vitamins and very high concentration of caffeine. Furthermore, coffee bean oil has a very pleasant aroma filling your mind with relaxing feelings. Apart from having an invigorating aroma, it also has a number of health benefits.

Among the others, it helps to increase the blood circulation. Hence it stimulates the hair follicles to speed up the hair growth. Coffee bean oil may be applied in many different ways such as direct application to the scalp, pre-shampoo treatment, shampoo application and rinse-out or leave-in conditioner. Coffee contains much more caffeine than tea does. So if you have problem with a lot of shedding then coffee oil should be your first choice to stop it in its tracks.

1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Apply the oil over your hair and massage into your scalp for about 10-20 minutes before you wash your hair.

2. Overnight Hair Mask

Massage the oil into your scalp using your finger tips and leave it on overnight for stronger hair.

3. Coffee Shampoo

Just add few drops of the oil to the shampoo while you are washing your hair.

4. Hair Serum

Apply a small amount of the coffee oil on freshly washed hair and style as usual.

If you have skin that gets red easily you may have sensitive skin. Before you use any new cosmetic product, you should always do a skin patch test first. A skin patch test is easy to do at home.

You can do the test in four easy steps:

  1. Apply a small amount of the skin care product to either the inside wrist or inside elbow. Rub it into the skin thoroughly. Keep the test area small, just in case there is a negative reaction to the product.
  2. Allow the product to sit on the skin for at least 24 hours. It is recommended performing the skin test after the shower, since you don’t want to wash off the product.
  3. Throughout the 24-hours period check the skin patch area for redness, burning, swelling or any soreness to the skin patch area. If you do have these symptoms, carefully rub off the skin care product using cool water only. Dry it gently with a towel.
  4. After the 24-hours, look at the test patch area. If there was no skin reaction, the product is safe to use on your body or face.