Afro Braids: Tips and Tutorials to Inspire You

Original of African cultures, the Afro braid did much more than a hair ornament. The hairdo could identify someone’s social position or even reveal the availability for marriage.

Throughout the generations, the braid was becoming a tradition since it was this way that older women took advantage of transmitting their knowledge and wisdom to the younger ones.

For this reason, the hairdo, today so renowned for personality and style, is above all a symbol of the identity, roots, and beauty of the black woman.

Afro braids can have numerous variations of color, size, thickness, and points and the best way to decide between them when they think of joining the hairdo is seeking inspiration in a gallery full of Queens of the Instagram who already flaunt their own.

The hairstylist and specialize in braids Ainá Garcia, from the Carioca Studio House of Madame Garcia Afro Urban Hair, explains that the most common type of twists is the box braid. Its popularity comes from the ease in applying for various kinds of hair, but have higher durability and beauty in frizzy hair. Check out other tips from the professionals for those who intend to venture into the beautiful world of braids:

  • Afro braids are made in small equal locks that are braided together with fiber, providing durability, thickness, length and even color to twists.
  • Depending on your type of hair and procedure adopted, braids take 4 to 9 hours to be ready, so reserve one afternoon and go without haste.
  • Braids can be washed with shampoo and conditioner regularly, but if your hair is not too frizzy, give preference to shampoo 2 in 1.
  • Braids can stay up to 2 months in the hair, but avoid waiting beyond that time not to damage them.
  • To avoid frizz in braids, sleep with a bonnet, handkerchief or even half-pants on the head to protect the hairdo. It is important to emphasize the historical identification that the Afro braid has with the black woman and its roots, being a hairdo that has much more to do with cultural property than style, which makes it more suitable for those of African ethnicity.

The Afro hair for obtaining thicker and bulky and for this reason the braids work perfectly, adapting to the wires and giving more personality and beauty to the hair. Master the techniques of braiding and separating the wicks or consult a specialized professional to ensure an ever-beautiful and maintenance-day visual, avoiding the breakage of your hair.


Five Causes of Decreased Penile Sensation and How to Get It Back

Unfortunately, decreased penile sensation is an inevitable certainty for most men. Simple aging can often lead many men to long for their erections of old: erections that stood hard and steadfast, and often were accompanied by a low refractory period between sex or solo-love. Don’t believe it? Look at all of the money spent each year to reverse the loss of sensation in the penis! Cialis, Viagra, and scores of others, some more exotic in origin, are popped like Hubba Bubba in hopes that penile sensitivity returns.

What some men don’t realize is there are other ways to fight decreased penile sensitivity that doesn’t rely on little blue pills. Some take a simple identification of the cause to find the remedy. Let’s take a look at some causes of decreased penile sensation and how to get it back.

  1. Age – This is one that is hard to treat! Or is it? As men age, their bodies evolve into their next phase, generally one that is a bit slower than their exuberant youthThe blood vessels that direct blood flow in and out of the penis also grow older and slow with ageWhile age is inevitable, there are several tips to help an older man increase sensation in his penis. Stay away from food prior to sex (the body won’t have to put energy toward digestion), exercise prior to sex to get the blood pumping, and one thing that’s often overlooked is to enjoy sexual activity during the part of the day when more alert and energetic.L
  2. Low Testosterone – This is also called “Low T.” Testosterone depletes as men age. This can often lead to decreased penile sensation and even numbness in the genital area. Other symptoms of low testosterone include sadness or depression, fatigue, irritability, and a reduction in muscle mass. Men who believe they have Low T should see a doctor for a diagnosis. Symptoms can often be treated with medication.
  3. Excessive Masturbation – Too much friction can lead to numbnessThis is also true for men who utilize “Death Grip,” an unreasonably tight compression when masturbating. This leads to loss of sensation in the penis because it can thicken the outer penile skin. Thankfully sensation can be regained if a man takes a knee on masturbation for a moderate period of time. Then when returning to self-pleasure, is gentler and uses less compression. This will not only increase his penile sensitivity but also improve sexual satisfaction with a partner.
  4. Medical Issues Involving Compromised Circulation – Men who are diagnosed with medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, or cardiovascular problems can experience decreased penile sensation. The best way to regain sensation is to follow all treatment plans to the letter. That could be everything from medication to weight loss to activity to something simple such as sitting less so the genital area can experience improved circulation.
  5. Nerve Damage – Diseases like diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can affect the penis in addition to other parts of the body. Both diseases are linked to neuropathy, a condition caused by nerve damage which can cause pain, burning, and numbness. A doctor can explore methods of treatment after diagnosis. However, patients should first treat the disease and then treat the symptoms.

Improve Penis Circulation and Sensitivity

In addition to the many methods of regaining sensation listed above, there is a daily way to improve penis health and sensitivity – self-massage! Now, this isn’t the self-gratifying sort; this type of massage should be seen as a combination of good hygiene and self-care.

Massage the penis daily with a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to improve sensation in the penis. Not only does it feel good, but emollients like Shea butter and vitamin E helps retain the elasticity of the penile skin. Other beneficial ingredients include vitamin C, which is critical for promoting proper blood flow for strong erections and L-Carnitine to protect against peripheral nerve damage caused by friction which can lead to numbness and decreased penile sensation. Finally, a key amino acid that increases blood flow, L-Arginine, is a welcome addition to maintain firm erections.


5 Most Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

If you are one of those women, you may re-grow your dull, brittle hair with the help of an amazing hair restoration procedure called PRP Hair Loss Treatment. But, it is better if you understand the root causes of hair loss. If you are able to understand the reasons, you may take a right decision about treating your hairs.

Here, we are going to explain five major causes that are responsible for causing hair loss in most of the women. However, there are many common reasons that are responsible for severe hair loss in both men and women but the causes we are talking about bring hair problems in women.

Read and beware if you have any of these causes!

1. Improper Hair Care

You have to agree that before you plan for a hair care, you must know what a proper way to treat your hairs is. You wear a lot of hair styles but probably don’t know that tight hairstyles keep your hairs pressurized for hours. You apply a lot of hair products without thinking which of these products is really useful for hair or not. Probably you don’t know that your shampoo or hair color may cause hair loss as well. If you are facing hair problems, talk to your doctor or hair experts to find out what is harming your hairs.

2. Anemia

Anemia is a serious disease that is caused due to low intake of iron. Women are more prone to anemia due to heavy menstruation cycle. The second for anemia is inadequate folic acid in the body. It all means the low supply of oxygen to your hair follicles due to the low production of hemoglobin. At the last, your hairs start to fall.

3. Pregnancy

Several women lose hair just after the delivery. During pregnancy, estrogen hormone is on its high levels but after the delivery, the level of the hormone is normalized. This fall of the hormone level may result in the start of sudden hair fall. However, this phase is considered as a temporary phase by the experts.

4. Menopause

When a woman reaches the age of menopause, she may face a lot of changes in the body and severe hair loss is one of these changes. A reason for hair loss at this stage is the low level of estrogen hormone in the body. The symptoms can be minimized with proper care or advice of the experts.

5. Extreme Weight Loss

Most of the women like to have a slim body and some of them try to follow a tight diet plan for this aim. They probably don’t know that strict diet plans may cause the nutrient deficiency in the body. Moreover, a diet plan may cause sudden and extreme weight loss that badly affects the health of your hair.

Now if you think you have some of these reasons, consult your doctors soon to bring a change in your thinking about your hairs. If you feel, conditions are out of control, you may apply PRP hair treatment on your hair and after that, you are going to have amazing results certainly. For PRP treatment, visit a hair restoration clinic.


6 Best Benefits of Collagen

Are you new to collagen? If so, we suggest that you read some of the prominent benefits of collagen protein. Read on to know more.

1. Digestive Aid

Collagen helps your digestive tract heal quickly. In addition, it also helps your body fix the mucous lining. Aside from this, the digestive process becomes easier as collagen breaks down the fat and protein from foods.

To get these benefits, all you have to do is add one scoop of quality collagen peptides to your drinks. This will help improve protein absorption and the production of hydrochloric acid.

2. Skin Health

According to some doctors, collagen is a product that helps you fight the aging process. They also claim that it boosts the elasticity, cohesion and regeneration of the skin cells. Primarily, this thing is composed of proline, amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline and alanine. According to experts, these amino acids help you fight the signs of aging. Aside from this, clinical research suggests that it helps you maintain your skin health, boost the moisture level, skin smoothness and skin suppleness.

3. Weight Loss

If you are looking for a good source of protein, get collagen protein. According to studies, if you consume collagen peptides in your breakfast, you will be able to lose your weight considerably. If you want to restart your efforts to lose weight, you may want to have a collagen breakfast shake in the morning.

4. Joint & Bone Health

The great thing about collagen is that it also repairs tissue, reduces inflammation and gives you relief from severe pain. The relief is similar to the relief that you get when you take ibuprofen and cortisone. Moreover, the glycine boosts wound healing and promotes recovery. According to another study, it was discovered that 250 patients of osteoarthritis experienced relief after they consumed 10g of pure collagen peptides on a daily basis.

5. Athletic Performance

Some amino acids, such as proline and glycine helps you repair tissues, reduce swelling and boost recovery after you get exercise or play a sport. Aside from this, supplementation with this can help you reduce your risk on your ligaments, tendons, and other muscle. Moreover, the arginine and glycine content in this powder improves your athletic performance in addition to sustain and restore your muscle mass.

Arginine boosts the emission of growth hormone, which increases your muscle mass. As a result, you are able to play better.

6. Sleep Tonic

In your brain, glycine helps with the neurotransmitters. According to a recent research, if you find it difficult to fall asleep, glycine can help you. The ingestion of collagen boosts your sleep quality in addition to reduce your daytime sleepiness. It also improves your memory while you are working in your office.


The Cellulite Cupping Miracle

The cellulite cup has gained a lot of popularity over the recent past. Different celebrities have actually been able to test and try it often showing off the marks left behind by the exercise. Cupping is an Asian therapy that is quite ancient aimed at creating some kind of suction so as to improve the flow of blood.

According to different practitioners, this is an exercise that actually helps with depression and muscle pain apart from the cellulite. The trend for cupping has been set by different people who are in the limelight and it has been around since 2004. It is popular, but the million dollar question is; does it actually work?

Its history

As mentioned earlier, this is a very ancient exercise which has been perfected over time. It is actually a kind of acupuncture based on the suction ability of cups. This mobilizes energy and blood within the body. It is a great thing for people under great stress or those that have been through any form of physical trauma such as pulled shoulders and so on. It is possible to have stagnated energy within the body.

Since celebrities use it, many people are wary that it could actually be just a celebrity fad. However, practitioners say it works perfectly well when done correctly. When energy and blood are directed to an area, then the healing process can commence. It can also show some great results if at all you are about to get a cold. This suction aids in stopping the ailment from getting any further within the system.

How it is done

There are different ways in which the cupping can be done. Sometimes it can be done using rubber or glass cup whereby a flame is placed inside so as to heat and create a vacuum. The flame is the removed and the cup is held to the skin for around 3 minutes. Using this method can create some marks that can be pretty alarming, but they are quite temporary and go away within a few days. The method doesn’t hurt either. This is because the cups used in the process pisses rims that are very thick therefore they aren’t heated up.

There are other different forms of cupping using the cellulite vacuum cup set. The forms usually involve the use of a kit and so a flame needs not be used for the same.


Cupping practitioners recommend this process as it helps in lymphatic flow and usually reduces buildup of fluid. Cupping also increases circulation of blood which makes the skin appear a lot healthier and ultimately reducing cellulite. There are others who also claim that cupping actually aids in fertility. Good diet is also required when one is trying out the process.

Cupping in China

In the cupping country or origin China, it is a great part of the mainstream medicine, which many hospital practice for a lot of conditions. The Olympic squad in the country has been spotted from time to time having the marks because it is said to aid in muscular pain.