Living Your Best As a Young Balding Man

Losing hair on the head of a young man otherwise known as balding is one horrible thing that can ever happen to him. As things are rapidly changing, it is normal to spot a young man in his 20’s with a visible bald head unlike in the past where it usually began at late 30’s. The first reflection of a balding head on a mirror is shocking disbelief followed by stress when friends and family confirm in the affirmative. But in as much as losing hair on the head at the early age is not a sweet choice, it is not the worst thing that can ever happen to someone. There are accidents, diseases, dismemberment and lots of awful things that can happen to one’s life and balding should never be counted as one of them. Here are five tips that will make you stand out and even become the envy of many.

Accept and Don’t Hide it

The day you wake up and notice that your hair is vanishing and you go ahead to confirm with family and friends, and you realize that there is nothing you can do about it, the first step is to accept it, and confidently so. Don’t hide and don’t rush to shave out to conceal the loss. However sick and helpless the feeling is, just understand that there is nothing you can do about it. Once you boldly and confidently accept it, other people will not see it a big deal. If you show the world that you are least bothered about it, the world will not bother you with unnecessary sympathies and few people will keep reminding you that you have got a bald head. The buck stops with your full acceptance; nobody will look so amazed at you because accepting and not hiding it will not give them the starting point to discuss your upcoming bald.

Be Bold and Confident About it

Once it is evident to you and the whole world that you are balding, don’t cringe inside yourself with self-pity and stress, always walk shoulders high, boldly and never be shy of the fact. Try and be positive about it and answer with a confident smile those inquisitive of your status versus age. Always find something positive to answer those negative questions from friends and mates, remember they are so many prominent and successful icons around us who are bald and once in a while refer to them when answering haters and jeerers. Even if you feel sorry for yourself at times, which is very typical, never walk around with a sad, forlorn look even at night.

Dress Stylishly and Smart

A shabbily dressed bald young man is not a sight to behold for real. If you can’t get a chance to step out with that fabulous hairstyle, then it is all prudent to let your cloth make a beautiful point of you. You do not have to wear expensive clothes to be smart but clean and well maintained and perfectly fitting ones will make you look smart. Whether office wear or casuals, always make sure you look good. If you are media personality or a politician and most of the time your public appearance matters, seek advice from you fashion specialist on what goes when. Being smart will not hide the fact that you are bald but will bring out the beauty of baldness.

Groom Your Face and Trim your Beard Nicely

For those lacking hair on the head but have plenty of beards, always have it nicely cut and clean. A clean well-trimmed beard is the first thing people will notice on your face. Clean your face thoroughly and if need be scrub off the dead skins to give you a fresh new look. If you have no beard, a perfectly cleaned face is a good one. Remember, all this grooming will not make you’re bald to disappear, but it brings out the beauty of baldness in a whole new way.

Be Good at What You do

Being good at what we do is the peak of our character but wait until a bald person does it, it looks so amazingly different and unique. Always be kind to people at school, in a game, in the office, in business, at home, everywhere just be nice. Speak boldly and eloquently, give people a firm handshake, with a smile and a look in the eye. Be good at the game you love, at your studies, to your family and friends. All this will not refute the fact that you are bald, but it will bring a whole new view that bald is utterly cute and awesome. It will even spark envy from both friends and foes.


Get The Celebrity Looks With Fusion Hair Extensions

Noticed the celebrity catalogues lying around? The women are breathtakingly beautiful with fabulous hair. The smart svelte models swirl their shining long mane attractively and make you long for luscious thick and straight hair. If you wait for your hair to grow naturally you will wait for years and years. Your patience will surely slip by because you are aware that every month your hair length increases only by half an inch.

What if you want to change your hairstyle every few days? Are you going to let the desire of cascading long hair dye? This may seem to be an impossible feat but fabulous haircuts, twirlers, twisties, and long cut hairstyles are definitely possible with the help of the progressive beauty industry. All you have to do is head to a Hair extensions salon and get a fabulous hair style of your choice. There is no limit to the kind of hairstyles or colors you can demand at the salons. You don’t have to worry about your present pageboy cut, just ask for tape in hair extensions and walk out of the salon with thick shiny long hair.

Hair extensions are not just used to increase the length of your hair, they can help you style the way you want. Micro link hair extensions or fusion hair extensions are another choice to add some snazzy pizzazz to your dull and boring hairstyle. Hair extensions are a brainchild of a beauty entrepreneur who responded to the instant demand for long hair and vivacious ringlets at the same time.

Cutting edge hairstyles are not difficult anymore. Hot or cold fusion extensions provide a flawless finish and are very durable. But don’t think that the same hair extension can be used on everyone. The number of attachments, the texture of hair, brands and a lot of other factors are kept in mind before customizing the extensions for different people. These artificial hairs have been successful on all kinds of people and can add to the hair charm by turning riotous hair into a straight sleek fall. People who want to enhance their hair color can get even hair extensions with different highlights.

Head to the finest beauty salon after scheduling an appointment and get the best beauty boutique treatment offered. Getting tape in extensions, micro link hair extensions or fusion extensions to reinvent the hair into a new style is not an easy task, it is painstakingly challenging. The art of attaching new add-on hair needs to be very realistic and comfortable and it utilizes different techniques. It may take hours of patience, but in the end, it will transform your looks entirely.


Hair Systems: An Alternative to Surgical Treatments for a Hair Transplant


Hair replacement systems refer to a non-surgical treatment, an alternative to expensive hair transplantation treatments. It does not involve the use of dangerous and harmful chemicals which are used in restoring hair growth in various surgeries available nowadays.

Now there is no need to use hair wigs or getting the hair replacement done because now there is an alternative available which is virtually invisible and undetectable.

It is the perfect solution for all types of hair losses for kids, teenagers, men or women.

This system helps one in getting more natural, great looking and comfortable hair and that too in a safe and harmless manner.


Men’s hair systems involve the use of a specially designed hair piece. This design of the foundation is based upon the type of activities, the lifestyle and skin tone.

The lace hair systems are the non-surgical treatment which involves applying a thin, light transparent foundation in the balding area of the head. Then this foundation is attached to the hair scalp and woven in with the existing hairs. This complete method is done in a way so that it may restore the natural look back.

It is not at all equivalent to wearing wigs or getting a surgical treatment done.

Various ways are used in order to attach the membrane to the existing hair such as double-sided tapes, clips and bonding.


  1. The major advantage of this treatment is that it is affordable and not expensive, which is not the case in the plethora of surgical treatments available nowadays.
  2. It is time-saving method and results can be seen instantly. One need not to wait for long processes or the number of hours for the completion of the treatment. This also means that the effects may last for a longer period of time as compared to the surgical treatments.
  3. The best part is that one may not experience any pain or discomfort during the process. This process does not involve the use of harmful chemicals and hence there is no question of after infections.

But one must keep in mind that there are certain disadvantages attached to the hair system too. The major disadvantage involved is that it is not a one-time expense. The one who has undergone this treatment must be aware of the fact that the expense does not stop at the time of getting the membrane.

Another disadvantage is that the membrane might wear out, hence essential care must be taken otherwise replacement of membrane has to be undergone.

Continuous maintenance is a key to have the long lasting effects and a natural look as well. One must keep in mind that if he wants a haircut then visiting a barber shop is not at all recommended, however, one needs to revisit his surgery clinic because they will remove your membrane and then trim the dead locks. This is the most important fact which has to be kept in mind.


FUE Can Restore Your Receding, Balding Or Thinning Hair

The possibility of men losing their hair, and how quick they’ll recede, depends largely on their genes. In spite of the fact that there are other lifestyle factors that can have an influence, for example, stress, hormones and general wellbeing, yet if men in the generations above yours have lost their hair rashly and early, then it’s a clear indication that it would affect you as well.

Obviously not every person needs, or chooses to get a hair transplant, and there are a few lifestyle tips and a customized intake of medicines that may enable you to keep the hair you do have, for a bit longer time. However, you can’t fight with your in-built genes. The majority of men inclined to either balding or receding hair, will see that no amount of shampoo, massage on the scalp or healthy diet will offer any help.

By and large, hair transplant surgeries have made some amazing progress over the decade, and there is currently a powerful, non-invasive choice that implies you can get your own head full of hair back again. What’s more, since it’s your own hair, it looks flawlessly natural, and the surgery has a 100% success rate. The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant technique is an incredible method for re-establishing hair on a bald head.

The FUE hair transplant treatment includes extracting healthy hair follicles from the side and back of the head, one by one, and attaching them into the bald regions of the scalp. The follicles get transplanted into a similar space that had previous hair, thus offering it an excellent opportunity of settling in permanently.

Unlike old techniques which included trimming entire strips of hair away at once, the most recent treatment, termed as the 3rd Generation of FUE, extracts one follicle at a time, which is then embedded one by one. This helps to achieve a significantly more normal outcome, a speedier healing and a less painful surgery process that leaves behind no visible scars at the back of the scalp.

A healthy scalp will have around 3 to 4 strands growing in every follicle. A person whose hair is falling will have 3, 3 or even just a single hair. Accordingly, by evaluating the quantity of strands growing from every follicle on the head, and the pattern followed by it, it’s possible to check whether a patient is in the thinning stage, or will there be any hair loss in the future.


Some Essential Tips for Your Dandruff Treatment

Our scalp consists of a distinct texture that includes the follicles for hair growth and specific types of glands that keep the surface moisture intact. Many people nowadays are facing the dandruff issues. Dandruff can become a weary thing that can leave a person in really annoying stage. The distress of constant itching just leaves a person in no way but to remain out of any social gatherings.

Nowadays many hair products are being introduced that makes us believe that they are the rescuers. Finally, we can be dandruff free. But, the main thing is to know what dandruff is, how it happens and what you can do about it.

What is Dandruff?

A dandruff isn’t a disease and there is no exact theory behind its happening. It’s basically an overgrowth of fungus on the scalp. It doesn’t only happens to the dry scalp but also can effect on the oily scalp. The reason behind this cause is commonly the oily skin, dry weather, eczema or psoriasis. The effects are obvious, the embracement of itching. Rest assured, it isn’t a deadly condition, but it can be handled well with some of the simple treatments and care.

• To decrease the excess buildup of the dead cells, use an anti-dandruff shampoo regularly.
• Get a prescription of a good medicated shampoo from a specialist.
• Leave it on the scalp for about 5 minutes then wash and rinse well.

Examine It

If you examine the dandruff flakes and they are greasy and yellow, it may be a sign of seborrheic dermatitis. An inflammatory skin condition that can occur where there are sufficient oil glands. These areas are some facial spots and the scalp. It is mainly related to the hormones, fungal infections or other problems like that. The treatment goes as:
• Use the antidandruff shampoos.
• Consult a specialist for a good medicated shampoo.
• Severe cases of dandruff may require a prescription steroid or antifungal medicine to work more effectively towards a solution.

Home Remedies

The home remedies in this regard are also very effective. You can do them at home and see the visible differences. Home remedies are simple and very cost effective. For ages, it has been a norm to gather the things available at your own home’s kitchen and make up a solution. Before the technological advancements, people treated many sick people around them with remedies made at home.

Let’s check out how you can control your dandruff with the simple remedies.

1. The Neem Leaves

Treat your baldness effectively with the help of neem leaves. It is a form of herb that is the best home remedy for dandruff. The benefits of neem leaves are immense. Its natural properties soothe the skin and relieve that scalp from itching. It acts as an antifungal and also inhibits the overgrowth of dandruff.

What Do You Need?

Get at least 2 handfuls of neem leaves and 4cups of hot water.


Let the leaves soaked in the water, overnight and strain next day. Use the liquid to rinse your locks. You can also apply the paste of neem leaves to your scalp for an hour, then wash out.

2. The Aloe Vera

The lush green herb of aloe vera is often found beside the garden. It is commonly helpful in curing the minor burns and also relief from dandruff.

What Do You Need?

All you need is the aloe vera gel, about 1 bottle.


Apply the aloe Vera gel to the scalp and leave it be for 15 mins. Then wash your locks and rinse well, normally.

3. Coconut Oil

It is the most smooth remedy tip, as the coconut oil contains natural fatty acids and lauric acid in it. It helps to keep the natural moisture intact on the scalp. The strong antimicrobial and antifungal agents are naturally present in the coconut oil. The natural antifungal agents do their work to fight the fungus and dandruff on the scalp. Results can be seen as soon as in one week time.

What Do You Need?

You need to buy a coconut oil bottle once.


Apply it on the head almost thrice a week for an hour, and wash normally.

Watch Out Baldness

The excess of baldness can cause the roots to get brittle hence causing the hair fall, if persistent, can lead to the baldness. If you are the having intense baldness issues then feel free to consult for hair transplant, the only permanent solution to baldness.


Benefits of an Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon

To undergo a hair transplant treatment a person needs to pick a decent hair transplant specialist. However, picking the best specialist is not simple anyway. Many things must be remembered. To start with is that the surgeon must be a qualified specialist. The worst approach to pick the specialists is through the extremely aggressive advertising efforts and commercials.

Check out some important info that will help you to find the best hair transplant surgeon.

Search The Background And Training Of The Surgeon

The main thing that you should find out is the strength of the specialist. He needs to be a well qualified dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon in any case. If they aren’t a specialist in any of these fields, then better stay away from them for any major treatments. If you’re picking a dermatologist, the advantage is that they have a superior knowledge regarding the hair, skin, and nails. In this way, you can make sure to get a safe treatment under them.

The transplant surgeon needs to be the person who ought to be offering you with every single advantage that is available for the treatments. You must likewise know whether the specialist has contributed to the research of hair restoration or not. If they have a record of publishing medical papers, then it’s a clear indication that they’ve vast knowledge in this field.

Surgical Technique They Will Be Using

There are presently various types of procedures for male pattern baldness. They are known as FUE, FUT, laser and a few others. The surgical procedure that will be used on you needs to be the most secure one. The specialist needs to do proper counseling with you.

When the specialists are utilizing just a single procedure, they would be giving you a one-sided point of view instead of a neutral one. This is the reason why, if you’re counseling specialist who offers all sorts of treatments, at that point they may offer you the correct choice.

Assess The Doctor

You have to find out the testimonials and past records of the specialist as they should to decent ones. Additionally, ensure that the treatment is not done in a rush. Before you choose to undergo hair transplant treatment, you need to think about all the options available.

The specialist must work inside your budget without compromising on the quality front. Pick a transplant doctor that offers great services at an affordable cost, and you place trust in him.


What Makes A Wig Great?

There has been a widely debated topic on what makes up a great wig, these debates though has mixed reactions from men who utterly hate wigs but cannot tell between a human hair wig and a synthetic one. Not to worry about it, in this article, we focus and delve on this topic to give a brief conclusive idea on what makes one wig over the other.

There are many types of wigs, to begin with, and they all have admirers and women who wear them daily as their regular hair. This, therefore, does not mean that just because you consider one type as the best, everyone else will agree with you, at least a certain percentage of users will differ with your view.

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Wigs

Both make up this huge market for wigs and they are the main two categories based on wig make and material. Human hair wigs are expensive and commonly preferred over the other just because it has all the characteristics of the natural hair, easy to style, similar hair thickness, and other appealing traits. On the other hand, we have synthetic wigs which are cheap and available everywhere, they are not as priced as their counterpart, but that has made them more popular and wider preference.

The cutting edge in this debate

Based on the various differences that may be brought about it will always boil down to these following factors to decide what makes a great wig.

Durability, is the wig able to give you the services that you need and for the right amount of time? Then if you get this one then that is the best one for you.

Your planned budget, many people cannot afford the human hair wigs mostly in the rural marginal regions. Therefore, to them, financial issues play a key role in deciding which the best is for them?

The preference that is dictated by factors like skin complexion and other body features, everyone has their taste in wigs and it is that which makes them look great. Wigs such as bob wigs are commonly known for the dark complexion people while blonde long wigs are for the light skinned.


To decide what makes a wig great you must be in the shoes of the person deciding, you must be able to answer questions such as does it make me look good?, can I afford it? How do I feel when am wearing it. The real value can only be got from how well it meets your taste and desired look.


Prevent Hair Loss With Dietary Stuff

Hair fall is the most common problem we are facing these days. It can affect both men and women personality. There are various reason behind the hair fall including, hormonal imbalances, an under-active thyroid gland, nutritional deficiencies and insufficient blood circulation in the scalp, air pollution, certain medical conditions or medicines, scalp infection and aging. However, if you start losing more than normal hair loss, then it’s time to pay attention to yourself and so that you can prevent the excess fall. There are several dietary stuff that control the loss and also help the growth of new hair follicles.

Diet for Healthy Hair Growth

Biotin- Biotin is the water-soluble vitamin. Keratin is a basic protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails and biotin improves the body’s keratin level. It is responsible for growth and increases the volume of hair. Biotin nourishes the follicles and prevents them from brittle or dullness. The deficiency of biotin leads to discoloration or thinning of hairs. So include ample amount of biotin in the diet egg, it is the best source for Biotin. Whole grains like Ragi, Oats, bajra, jawar are also good source of biotin.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids- The omega-3 fatty acid boosts the hydration for your hair and scalp. This nutrient is also present in the cells that line the scalp so it’s important to add this healthy fat to your diet. So add nuts like walnuts, almonds, soya bean, fish, avocados and healthy seeds such as pumpkin seeds and flax seeds in your diet.

Protein- The most important component for strong healthy hair is protein. It is majorly made up of a protein called amino acid so consuming an adequate amount of protein on daily basis. So Eat the right proteins and keep your hair strong. So have enough amounts of legumes, pulses, Chicken, fish, Eggs and Dairy products etc in your diet.

Iron – Iron ensures your hair remain healthy by providing it with oxygen. Lower levels of iron can result in anemia which is a major cause of loss. The hair follicle and root are fed by a nutrient-rich blood supply with the help of iron because iron supplies the nutrient to the cells. Source of iron- Red meat, spinach, Beetroot, Apples, Broccoli, Bengal gram ( Besan) and legumes.

Vitamin A- The hair contains the rapid growing tissues in the body and vitamin A is required for the growth of every cell. Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant which is responsible for safeguard for your hair follicles against damage caused by free radicals and other factors. The good source of vitamin- A are Carrots, Sweet potato, Spinach, broccoli, cheese, mango, beetroot etc.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is an essential nutrient when it comes to skin and hair care. It helps in building and repairing tissue and also protects the hair from sun damage and environmental pollution. Nuts are the best source of vitamin E so include Almonds, Walnuts, pistachio and any other nuts in your diet. Olive oil, Avocado, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil are also good options for Vitamin E.

Vitamin C- Iron and Vitamin C are two nutrients which are best when taken in combination with each other. Eating food rich in Vitamin C will allow the absorption of iron in the body. So include Amla, strawberries, oranges, tomatoes, guava, lemon, green leafy vegetables etc in your diet.

Yogurt- Benefits of yogurt are that it is the best medicine for treating your hair issues. Being rich in Vitamin B5 and calcium, it helps take care of your hair. Other dairy products like low skimmed milk, cottage cheese, and low-fat cheese along with yogurt help improve the health of hair follicles. Yogurt, whether applied externally or consumed internally, is beneficial for your scalp.

These foodstuff are effective for regaining and maintenance of healthy hair. These stuff nourishes the hair and provides optimum nutrient to the scalp which enhances the growth. Plan a diet which is rich in above mention nutrient for healthy hair.


Foligen Reviews – What’s So Special About This Solution To Hair Loss?

Let’s be honest, losing your hair is not an easy feat to deal with. It can be very embarrassing and it can also shatter your self confidence.

The truth of the matter is, when someone first sees you, your head is the first thing they look at. What’s worse, is that your hair takes up a lot of that head space – so losing your hair is not something that you want to have happening to you under no circumstances.

Unfortunately, hair loss is a common problem that many faces today. It can be caused by a variety of reasons such as genetics, old age, stress or simply by using the wrong product in your hair.

All Hope Is Not Lost Though!

If you’ve already start to see your hair falling out, no need to worry. There are numerous products that are quite effective at resolving your hair loss problem. In this article, I want to look at a new product that is creating quite a buzz on social media. It goes by the name Foligen and it promises to stop hair loss and even supports natural hair growth.

Foligen Review – What Exactly Is This Product?

If you have been looking for a natural solution to hair loss then chances are you’ve come across Foligen as it is highly recommended on most Foligen Reviews websites. If not, here’s what it is:

Foligen is a natural hair supplement that contains natural ingredients that have been said to enhance natural hair growth. According to the official website, these claims have been back by many clinical studies so consumers can rest assured that they are not just using a fly by night product that has no scientific foundation.

What Benefits Are There To Be Had By Using Foligen For Hair Loss?

The main benefit promoted by the manufacturers of Foligen is the ability to slow down hair loss and even promote natural hair growth. This is achieved via the numerous natural and effective ingredients that make up this product.

While doing research for this review, I was unable to verify this claim. However, based on customer reviews from trusted shopping sites, and health forums, it seem as if most users are giving Foligen numerous positive feedback. As such, its safe to say that there may be some truth to the use of this product for combating hair loss.

Other Benefits Also Include:

* Improvement in hair texture – the product also claims to give you thicker and stronger hair after prolong usage.

* Improve hair volume – after prolong use of Foligen supplement, you can expect to have a more voluminous head of hair as the ingredients also gives you back the control over receding hairline.

Should You Try Foligen?

Based on numerous reviews, this product seems to be a customer favorite. However, like any other hair loss product, you shouldn’t expect overnight success. Plus there are no guarantees. The good news though is that since the product is made up of only natural ingredients, there are no side effects to worry about.

So if you are looking for a hair loss treatment product that is getting two thumbs up then my research suggest you should take a closer look at Foligen.


Hair Styles That Are In Trend With Short Hair

It’s the patchy summer months. The heat is already quite disturbing and like me, most of you have cut down or trimmed your hairs to make them short. Having short hairs is not a problem but it makes your hair more manageable than they are long. If you are thinking of having really short hair then this article is just perfect for your reading. We are providing you some styles that are in trend and will go with any of your dresses. Read them and choose any of them to give a makeover to your style.

Bob Cut

This is the most popular one. Even Selena Gomez appeared on the red carpet this year in a bob cut. This cut not only now but has been a favorite of the earlier times also. The cut is of several types namely shingle bob, A-line bob, shaggy bob, flipped bob, Chinese Bob and some others. Which one of them is suitable for you, depends largely on your hair volume, age and sometimes your profession.

Long Bangs

Though the name might seem to have “long” in it, the haircut is short. The name of this style is so because the cut leaves longer bangs hanging on the face. A side part of the hair is done and then the straighter is moved on the locks to make it straight. This is a unique cut and the ones who are fed up with their curly hair can opt for this technique. The one celeb that comes to my mind with this cut is Penelope Cruz.

Pixie Cut

This cut helps the straight fine hairs have a less limp look. This hairstyle helps in drying hair soon only by using a towel. But not every woman can have this hairstyle, especially if you are having a round face or a heart face. This can make your face look more round in that case. Zendaya, Rihanna, Miley Cirus, etc. have sported this cut from time to time and made it even more famous.

To get more ideas about hair styles you can follow the celebrities. They spend a considerable amount of time choosing the best and latest styles for them. Find out what’s trending this season.

We are not always the best judge for ourselves when looks and hair styles are concerned. Before you consider cutting your hair to any style make sure to consult the hairstylists who have an experience of different styles and knows which one will suit your needs the best.