Choosing a Suitable Hair Styling Product for Men

Choosing a suitable hair product for your hair type for men

If you have been cutting your hair at various salons, you would have noticed that all hair stylists have their own style in styling and cutting hair. There are bad ones but there are also good ones that you should stick to for a long run. Similar to cutting hair, there are a plethora of styling products out in the market and it is important to choose the right one that will suit your hair type. Hopefully after this post, you will understand in greater detail the differences between the products so that you can make a more informed purchase.

1. What’s Your type

Just like buying a suit for an important outing, you don’t want to purchase the wrong type of shampoo for the wrong type of hair. In fact, did you know that it can damage your hair as well? One example is using a strong hair wax on fine thin follicles. Not only will you place unnecessary stress on your hair follicles, it will weigh it down and also cause damage. There are three different types of hair types that is most common, thick hair, straight with fine hair follicles and wavy or as people like to call it, curly.

2. Products for styling

Once you have figured out what your hair type is, you’ve got the most important step ahead of you which is figuring out which hair product is most suited. Don’t get intimidated by the amount of products and terms most companies use for their products. The key is looking for the keywords that is universal to most products. Of course we have worked out that for you so you do not need to waste time.

Hair Gel

Hair gel is typically translucent in color and is usually quite weak when it comes to holding hair in place. It usually hardens and leaves a shiny and wet look which is great for dress up events or formal events. It is also recommended to use an alcohol free gel which will avoid your scalp from flaking

Steps to use: Use on slightly damp hair, work the gel on your hands first and glide it over your hair to style. Allow your hair to dry first before touching it to maintain the look.

Which hair types should use this: usually people with thick hair or people with short to medium hair.

Hair Pomade

Hair pomade is usually mistaken for hair wax but is quite different in fact. Hair pomade is a soft semi solid substance which can give you a light to high shine depending on which you decide to have. It is extremely popular because the after effect leaves a natural wet look. Use Pomade over gel especially if you want to achieve a more ruffled look but still maintain that wet and neat look.

Steps to use: rub a small amount of your palm and work it around your hair to achieve your desired look.

Which hair types should use this: Thin hair or curly hair. Avoid using pomade if you tend to have oily hair as this will further aggravate it.

Hair Wax

Perhaps the most popular hair styling product in the market. Hair wax creates a matt and messy look which is great for styling. Wax offers the strongest hold amongst the 3 different products and creates a dry matt look which looks really natural and will hold even in the strongest winds. Waxes don’t normally contain the oils that is found in pomades which is the reason why it leaves a dry finish. If you have oily hair, hair wax is definitely the right hair styling product for you as it will product you a stronger hold and will prevent that oily look.

Steps to use: You can apply hair wax whether you have just come out of a shower or have dry hair. Apply a small amount on your hand and work it around your hair to get the style you want. You want to do this in less than 1 minute before it hardens as it will be difficult then to change.

Which type should use this: Thick to medium hair and all lengths.

Matt Products

Similar to Hair wax, Matt products give you the “just out of bed look” They come in different varieties such as paste, fibre, clay or putty and provide you a dry matt finish as the name implies. They provide a strong hold while adding texture to your hair follicles too which is a perfect combinations if you are looking for that messy look.

Steps to use: use a small amount and apply to dry hair for the best effect

Which type should use this: All hair lengths and all types.

Hair styling Creams

One of the least used product, hair cream aren’t really used in the morning. However, in certain situations, it definitely has its place. The feature of hair styling creams is it generally less clumpy and is lighter when compared to hair wax. You should use Hair styling creams when you are trying to obtain some control over your hair while looking completely natural.

Steps to use: apply a small amount over your hand and glide it over the area you need control over. Most people also use creams as a finishing touch after applying wax or pomade

Which type should use this: Thin to thick hair, curly hair and suitable for all lengths

3. Finishing Products

Finishing products such as hair spray should only be used if you want absolute control over every strand of hair. It is usually not needed but are essential for detailing which is common in the modelling industry. Hair sprays are usually a great essential product to use to lock in the look for the day. Go easy though as it can be easy to get carried away with spraying. Applying a short burst is usually sufficient to maintain the look for the entire day.

Steps to use: after you are satisfied with your look. Give a few short burst about 12 inches away from your hair to achieve a good spread.

Which type should use this: All types and all lengths.