Getting Rid of Cellulite With the Cellulite Cup

Anti-cellulite cupping therapy is a type of massage technique that was started in china and it is available in different parts of the world today.

What it involves

Instead of using fingers for blood flow stimulation, the cupping therapy makes use of a rubber suction cup. When this is done, more oxygen is created and then any trapped toxins are eliminated. This is aimed at reducing all those bumpy areas that you may be seeing on your thighs, tummy and bum. This helps women to get thinner thighs and reduce that bloated look that women hate so much. The best thing about the cup is the fact that you can get back your look without going into something as intrusive as surgery.

How it is done

Usually, one has to be in paper pants and then the skin from the waist to the knees is coated with a cream that has hibiscus extracts. This is aimed at stimulation of blood circulation. You also get that natural peeling effect.

Usually, the therapist may choose a mechanical brush to help the whole process along. After this, one gets algae gel applied and this is done with a cling film and this is left to sit for about 15 minutes. When this is done, the gel is washed up leaving the skin feeling silky and soft.

Mandarin and grape seed oil is the layered on the area of the skin and it is here that the cupping commences. The whole process may cause some sort of intense numbness and to an extent it is quite uncomfortable. However, one gets accustomed to all the motion in time. The process can take around 30 minutes.

Does it work?

When the whole exercise is completed, the skin feels a lot smoother, taut and toned. This is not a weight loss program, but it gives some results and you won’t feel as wobbly as you did before the exercise. The exercise may take around two hours and the results are quite impressive. The skin may feel a bit raw, like that of someone who has been under the sun, but it is totally worth the effort. You may need to get more procedures done after the first one. A series of the procedures should be able to give some permanent results. The cost of the exercise mainly depends on where you have them done so it’s important to compare prices.

Where to have the work done

As with other procedures, it is important to be careful where you have it done. Doing some research can be helpful. Get to know more about the service providers that are out there and what they are able to offer. Reviews can help in a great way since most people in business have a website today.

It is also a good idea to ask around. You may get a friend or family member to give recommendations based on their experiences in the past. This may go a long way in ensuring you end up with a therapist who is well aware of what they are doing and therefore get results very fast.