Tanning: Good or Bad For You?

The question here is: What sort of tanning? Is it the tanning bed or the natural way? We all know how the press criticizes sun tanning for various reasons and how dangerous it can be for you to use tanning beds. However, with all such news evolving around, tanning remains one of the most favorite activities people go for regardless of whether it is harmful or harmless.

While natural tanning carries its own benefits, when exposed to the sun there are various health benefits you are availing. However, this does not mean that you can get the same benefits with tanning beds, too. Many don’t know whether tanning is harmful or not, they just want to get tanned for various reasons.

If all sorts of tanning are unhealthy full stop, information and statistics show there are more people dying in winter than in the summer months where there is warmth for the body and vitamin D from the sun. Regardless of what sort of overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, it is dangerous and damages your skin. Tanning beds emit UVA rays which can increase the risk of melanoma more so than the sun.

Tanned Skin: Is It Healthier?

Many believe that a darker skin compared to a fair skin is far more attractive and healthier looking; therefore, they prefer going for tanning. However, what some people do being over-exposed to the UV radiation which is harmful. What is important, is to have proper knowledge about tanning before just going for it. You can avail a lot of positive affects if you can get in only a little sun at the time.

First of all, melanin production begins natural when your skin is exposed to the sun towards UV rays; this in return produces a tan that makes your skin more resistant against sun burns and other various problems that can become harmful because of overexposure towards the sun. Melanin as a supplement and a molecule chemical to stimulate pigmentation. The answer is still not clear: Is it safe, does it protect against skin cancer? After all it has chemical ingredients and is not from nature.

Is Sunscreen the Solution?

The answer in short: No! After many years of research and scientific testing most sunscreens are the cause for developing skin cancer and melanoma, more so than from the sun because of chemical ingredients. Of course, this is strongly denied by the pharmaceuticals. It all comes down to profit and money.

It does become a vicious circle. For your body to stay healthy and have a strong immune system it needs vitamin D. The more vitamin D your body receives the less sensitive the skin becomes to the sun. When putting on sunscreen it blocks out vitamin D and leaves the skin absorbing all the chemicals and toxins from the cream, which is damaging for the body and health.

The body needs sun to stay healthy and to survive; some can tolerate more of it than others. Have as much as you feel convertible without getting burned. The skin eats and absorbs whatever we put on to it, and that includes anything good or bad. When you consider ingredients in sunscreens, such as PABA, benzophenones, dibenzoylmethanes, oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene, octinoxate, just to list some, and these are found in most lotions, make up foundations and skin care products as well.

Stay Natural!

A dose of sunshine is good for you with more health benefits than any tanning bed. It is fact, that nature and the sun is the best provider of vitamin D which boosts our immune system. Vitamin D from the sun is known for its ability to increase calcium to develop strong bones and teeth. The best protection from diseases is a strong immune system.

Part of this comes from natural vitamin D from the sun, which is also heralded as having anti-cancer properties.

Just a couple of decades ago very little was known about vitamin D, although, it has been around forever supplied by nature. Only recently it has gained popularity as an important link as a support to our general health.